My Top 4 Health and Happiness Principles

1. Choose organic

People today understand Organic food is healthier, but often times they don’t realize how important this really is. We are running out of fertile lands. After years of abusive farming, our soils are depleted. After World War 1, the use of artificial fertilizers rose drastically. Those chemicals kill the Nature ecosystem and today we are having all the consequences of it. We need healthy soils, to get healthy plants, to get healthy animals, to be healthy humans! Anything we grow on a depleted sick soil, will be depleted and sick.

Supporting Organic farmers will improve the whole Ecosystem: Climate, Air quality, water quality, soil and crop biodiversity...

And today we cannot afford to wait anymore. It is a critical time where we all need to make a change. Nutrient levels in organic crops are much higher than in non-organic ones. Humanity has never been so overfed and so malnourished. We have to wake up! We are convinced that we can still save our planet. Let’s just all do something about it..


It is not only about what we eat. It is also about what we absorb, especially through our lungs, and through our skin.
Unfortunately today, we mostly live in toxic polluted cities, and it is important to help our body get rid of all those toxins, chemicals, heavy metals on a regular basis throughout the year.
Beware of all the products you use to clean the house, the dishes, for the wash-machine....They might be silently stressing and harming your body, and may lead to detrimental health issues.
Pay also attention to your skincare: your cosmetics, from the makeup products to the face cream, the nail polish, the shampoos, hair conditioner, the gel douche... Most conventional cosmetic products are full of very detrimental chemicals that your skin absorbs straight away. It is basically as if you were eating them. Being conscious of it is the first step to make better choices.

3. movement as self-love

How many of you think of exercising just because they don't like their body? Or because they want to improve their physical appearance?
There is much more to movement than that. Life is movement. Therefore, move every day because your muscles are meant to move, move in a way that will be loving to your body. Move because you love yourself enough to take care of your body, the only place you will ever live in. Some days are made for intensive workouts, other days are made for Tai Chi, Xi-Gong or walks. Listen to your body and to your heart. They know better than your mind.

4. happiness within

Many people think they will be happy only when they get something, or only when they achieve something, or only when they are somewhere.... BE HAPPY NOW. Your Happiness is within, always. Once you can feel it, your journey will be even more enjoyable. Take time for yourself, meditating and going within. Do things that make you happy, and learn everyday. Wake up every day feeling grateful and better than you were the day before. It is all about the journey, rather than about the final objective.