Mandatory Physical and Lifestyle & Nutrition Assessments.

Depending on what we are going to work on (workout, nutrition & lifestyle or both), you will have to go through:

- one physical assessment giving me insight about your basic physical needs, spinal curvatures, major muscles imbalances and range of motions

- a series of online questionnaires giving me insight about your overall health state and physical/mental/emotional stress. Knowing how your digestive, hormonal, immune, cardiovascular systems work is essential in order to help you get back on track with your health and Life Force.

Designing a personalized Lifestyle and exercise program

Those assessments and online questionnaires are necessary for me to be able to design an Exercise and Lifestyle program adapted to you, to you own physical, mental and emotional needs, and adapted to your current daily tasks and routine. Step by step, I will guide you and coach you in order to achieve the goals and objectives we agree on together. 

You can choose whether you want to work on your lifestyle only, your workout program only, or both of them altogether.

Food and supplements advice

Everyone is different. One type of foods may be good for one person and detrimental to another. I will help you find out what the best foods for you are, where you can find them, how you can include them in your daily habits and how you can gradually change your lifestyle routine. I will also help you boost your overall health and energy levels with only good wholefoods supplements if I find you need it.