These are short videos designed to raise awareness regarding many health and food myths! This is great for those who prefer watching videos rather than reading articles. Most of them are linked to an article (link will be posted below each one of them). Enjoy!

This is a short video explaining the main reasons why diet soda or "low-fat" or "low-calories" products actually make you FAT and TOXIC! Read the related article here: Thanks for watching!
I still see many people avoiding salt because it is "bad", or so they have been told. Or they only eat white table salt.... There are better options than that. Educate yourself and make better choices! Read the related article here:
this is a short video resuming the article I wrote in my blog: FATS are GOOD for you, when they are well chosen. Enjoy!
This is the resume of my article: Find out why Soy is not the health food you have been led to think it is
This is a short video resuming my article about SUGAR, this harmful poison that is slowly killing us all. Read the article here if you want more details: