Chlorella, your natural deep detoxifier and energy booster

Today, we are surrounded with toxins, pollution, in our food, in our water, in our home. It is mostly important to flush out those poisonous toxins that accumulate in your body. With time, if you don’t take care of it, they can make you weaker, and weaken your system and give you many tough health problems.

And this is where Chlorella plays a key role. It is the 2.5 Billion years-old plant that has the highest concentration in chlorophyll. It can be your daily detoxifier.

Chlorella is a single cell blue-green algae. It is very rich in nutrients, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and help your body function better in many different areas: digestive function, elimination process, detoxification, cleansing, nutrient absorption, immune system….  

Chlorella is also very rich in proteins: 60% of its weight is protein!

So now let’s see what this is all about:

1.        One of the most potent natural detoxifier

Because its outer shell grabs on to almost any toxins in the body, it makes it a very potent detoxifier and cleanser, especially for the digestive system, the bloodstream and the liver. Chlorella neutralizes and removes poisonous substances. The toxins we are most exposed to are:

-          Organic chemical waste

-          PCBs (pesticides)

-          DDT (insecticides)

-          Mercury (in dental amalgams, fish..)

-          Other heavy metals like Cadmium or Lead

Those toxins are highly poisonous. They accumulate in our body who doesn’t know what to do with them. This is why it is important to help our body get them out.

Especially Mercury, that many of us are intoxicated with, due to our environment, our food, our dental amalgams…. Chlorella first binds to the Mercury in the intestines and that’s how they get flushed out by elimination through the stools. This is important because once the intestines are cleared up, the mercury that is stored in other body tissues can be released and goes into the intestines, where it is going to be eliminated as well. This is how efficient Chlorella is for systemic mercury elimination.

2.       Digestive System Cleanser

The fibrous material of Chlorella helps enhance healthy digestion. It helps clear up the whole digestive tract, therefore helping people suffering with constipation (speeds up your bowel movements), bad breath or even smelly stools! (after just a few days people can notice a difference).

Chlorella contains many powerful Enzymes (digestive and others). Those enzymes are essential. Your body wouldn’t be able to function correctly without them, as they initiate most of metabolic functions.

Fibrous material of the Chlorella promotes growth of healthy beneficial gut bacteria: their population grows 4 times more than without chlorella! This improves your food nutrients absorption and improves your health in general.

3.       Immune System Booster

Because Chlorella helps clean up the bloodstream, it is an excellent Immune System Enhancer. Red blood cells become abundant and can carry more oxygen everywhere in the body, helping your cells function better, eliminating metabolic waste more efficiently and making you stronger. It is even proven that Chlorella improves the concentration of killer cells, those that protect you from unwanted invaders. Results can be noticed short-term after daily Chlorella consumption.

4.       Cardiovascular Health enhancer

Chlorella helps decrease plaque build-up in your arteries by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. That’s another reason why Chlorella makes you overall stronger: it helps decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

5.       Other health benefits

Chlorella is also very rich on antioxidants. All those reasons make it a very powerful Superfood that will also help:

-          Increase your overall antioxidants activity (especially Vitamin C and E)

-          Promote animal growth (yes, it can help your kids grow and develop better!)

-          Recover from chronic fatigue

-          Heal and prevent stress-induced ulcers

-          Improve your overall energy and immune levels because it contains abundant RNA: RNA contains the genetic information that strengthens and protects your cells during replication

-          Stabilize high blood pressure

-          Stabilize abnormal blood sugar level


So maybe now you want to start having some on a daily basis. A few things to know:

-          The effects on heavy metal detoxification are best seen after 3-6 months of daily consumption, depending on your daily intake

-          Chlorella is very rich in iron, and too much iron can be toxic for you (especially for men). So have your iron levels regularly tested if you start consuming a good amount of Chlorella over a long period of time

-          Chlorella’s cells walls are indigestible: this is why it is highly important to have Chlorella where these walls have already been broken down.

-          Make sure the Chlorella you are taking comes from pure and clean waters


Again, quality is key here. Chlorella is very potent but it HAS TO be pure, clean, NOT FROZEN OR PASTEURIZED, and with the cell walls cracked! The one I use regularly is in our shop. Check it out!

Hope you enjoyed the read, talk to you soon!

In Health and Happiness,