EMFs: The silent home killers

Maybe at this moment where you are reading these words, you are in front of your laptop, or computer screen, or holding your cell phone in your hand , or your tablet…. We are surrounded today with ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs), we simply can’t escape it anymore. Obviously if you live in a busy city you will be even more exposed, because the radiations of your neighbours impact you as well! But still. It is really rare today on Earth to find a place where the only electromagnetic fields would be 100% natural, and not man-made.

Today, almost every single household has at least one cell phone, with maybe also a portable phone connected to the land line.

Increasing research suggests that there is a real direct link between regular cell phones usage and overall health decline. A study showed that "heavy users" were doubling their risk of developing brain tumor after 10 years of cell phones use. You might think: oh, it is fine, I don’t use it that much. Well, what they call “heavy users” is actually people spending more than 2-2.5 hours A MONTH on their cell phone….. So yes, we are all most likely to be considered as “heavy users”. A study made in 2014 suggested that the average time of the population on the cell phone was 34 hours per month. Even if more research is still being held and expected, it is needless to say that caution is warranted and that we should all be careful with our exposure to those radiations. It is quite intuitive: being surrounded with those radiations all the time can’t be really harmless in the mid or long term.

Cell phones radiations are actually 2-way microwave radiations…. Medias tend to talk more frequently about the phones' “radio-frequency energy” because let’s face it, it doesn’t sound as bad and it is less scary. But knowing that those radiations that you are carrying with you all the time are more like microwave-type of radiations, do you still want to keep them close to your body? close to your brain or close to your reproductive organs (yes, especially men…)?

Cell phone use is associated with an increased risk in developing:

-          Brain tumor

-          Cancer

-          DNA damage

-          Autism, Schizophrenia

-          Diabetes

-          Cardiovascular disease

-          Sleeping disorders

-          Behavioural changes

-          Immune / Autoimmune disorders

And a special higher risk of INFERTILITY, in women but more specifically in men.

A systematic review and meta-analysis showed that Electro-Magnetic Radiations from cell phones:

-          decrease sperm mobility by 8%

-          decrease sperm viability by 9%

-          might also affect sperm count and quality (sperm count is actually reduced BY HALF when the cell phone is carried in pants pockets for just 4 hours a day)

So men’s fertility is much more impaired than women’s by cell phone radiations because the testicular barrier that protects sperm is actually the most sensitive tissue in the body, and absorbs 100 times more radiation.

A special care should also be made for pregnant women and even more particularly unborn and born children: a children’s brain contains more liquids than an adult brain, and therefore it absorbs much more radiations. On top of that, their skull is thinner: the brain is less protected and closer to those radiations. So yes, you get it: children should definitely stay away of cell phones, or tablets, or any wireless electric device. Those devices might be very harmful to adults, but even more so to children.


The harmful effects of Electromagnetic fields around us come from many other devices other than cell phones or wireless ones. We call it “Dirty Electricity”: it is all around us in our daily lives and we don’t even realize it. For example:

-          CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Lights)

-          Transmission antennas

-          Power supplies for portable computers

-          Cell phone chargers

-          Hair dryers (they disrupt the melatonin production in your brain, therefore impairing your sleep quality and your body’s recovery ability… so better not to use them at night)

-          All electronic devices with transformer




So yes, you get the picture. It is hard today to get away from those bad radiations, but there are some tips that are good to know that can help us decrease the impact and our exposure to those EMFs:

-          AVOID as much as possible cell phones and any other wireless devices for kids more particularly

-          Turn off / Switch off all electronic devices at least before sleeping, and as much as possible

-          Use a land line at home or work

-          Reduce or eliminate all other wireless devices. Choose Ethernet cables solutions instead

-          Keep the base station of your internet or your phone at least 3 rooms away from where you spend the most time (especially from your bedroom)

-          Use your cell phone only if there is a good reception: the poorer the signal, the more and deeper radiations it emits

-          Avoid carrying your cell phone close to your body (in a purse or bag is the best)

-          Don’t think that some cell phones are better than other ones…. All have the same probability of harm

-          Many people are actually highly sensitive to EMFs, so turn off your cell phone as often as possible, especially if you are in a public space (at the doctor’s, in a waiting room, in the cinema or theatre…)

-          Use well-shielded wired headsets (the best being a combination of shielded wire and air tube)

-         Avoid using your computer or phone while it is charging

-         Avoid working with your laptop on your lap

And the best thing to do regularly during the week is EARTHING, or GROUNDING. It means, you walk barefoot on sand or grass, on dirt or on real wooden floor: it allows the negative ions from the ground to flow through your body and “cleanses” your body from all those “dirty” positive ions around you.

Beeswax candles and PINK HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS absorb EMFs, and therefore they are also a great way to clean the air in your home.

The first signs of EMF sensitivity can be quite subtle. Don’t wait until it becomes too obvious. Just think about decreasing your exposure as much as possible, all the time.

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