Master Amino Acids: for the sick, the athlete, for us all

I don’t often talk about the supplements I may or may not take.

I strongly believe that Organic, Clean, Fresh, Wholefoods should always be the choice number 1 in terms of nutrition. Unfortunately today, because our soils are depleted, we don’t get as much nutrition from our foods as we did 100 years ago. As a result, we often need to get some supplementation. But beware: I am not talking about chemical-laden synthetic supplements. I am talking about wholefoods supplements. A high-quality type of supplements, super-concentrated, that will help you make up for potential deficiencies you might have.

Today I want to talk about the powerful Master Amino Acid Pattern MAPs.

1.       What is it?

The MAPs are 100% pre-digested vegetarian proteins, made of non-soy legumes.

Pre-digested means that they do not go through the usual digestive system: they get absorbed directly into the lymphatic system and get distributed to your whole body through it. This is important because it means that it doesn’t produce any metabolic waste, no fecal residue, and doesn’t add more work to the kidneys and liver. Once ingested, it takes as less as 23 minutes until they get used by your body’s tissues (organs, muscles, …).

The Amino Acids in MAPs are approx. distributed as following:

-          19.5% L-leucine

-          16.5% L-Valine

-          15% L-Isoleucin

-          14% L-Lysine

-          13% L-Phenylalanine

-          11% L-Threonine

-          7% L-Methionine

-          4% L-Tryptophan

There are over 30 clinical studies published on its uses. MAPs is listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, which is a commercially published compilation of manufacturers' prescribing information, updated annually and designed to provide physicians with full legally mandated information.

There have been over 8 years of field trials on MAPs, and 18 years of clinical trials.


2.       Why MAPs?

Those MAPs were first used to help treat cancer patients. More particularly those who had their stomach removed because of cancer. The fact that MAPs don’t go through the usual pathways of the digestive system made it easier for those patients to get all the nutritional benefits from them, without fatiguing their system even more. It’s been helping them combat muscle wasting due to their heavy treatments.

It got then used on elderly patients to help them recover and provide them with good clean nutritional proteins.

MAPs got also used for terminally ill patients to improve their quality of life.

3.       What are the main health benefits from MAPs?

MAPs are what we could call the “Magic proteins”. Compared to other protein supplements you can find:

-          They provide powerful nutrition for people who need more and better protein

-          Their Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) is 99%: it means that your body absorbs 99% of these proteins, and this is HUGE. NNU is a metric tool used to determine the quality of dietary protein like meat, fish, poultry, other Amino Acids, Casein, Whey protein…. It helps analize how much waste is produced to the body and how much is actually utilized.

When you eat flesh meat for example, you can only absorb about 60% of it! So basically, the NNU of 99% of the MAPs shows that there is no burden on kidneys and liver like other proteins (there is no catabolic waste that comes with digestion of common dietary proteins), and that those proteins are readily available to your body…. in just 23 minutes.

-          They are an all-natural way of STRENGTH BUILDING:

o   They increase strength and endurance

o   They decrease the recovery time post-workout

o   They help repair cells damage after exercise, for athletes and fitness lovers

-          They help BUILD MUSCLE MASS:

Their anabolic effect has been helping many cancer patients, or people with muscle atrophy or paralysed people, for slowing down or even preventing muscle wasting due to their condition/treatment. This is all because MAPs help you build muscle mass even if you are not exercising. But this anabolic effect is being used now by many people just to keep a good muscle mass or grow their current level of lean tissue


-          They help for FAT LOSS and WEIGHT CONTROL:

o   They send a message to the body saying the muscles are working: this is the anabolic effect. You produce muscle tissue EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT EXERCISING

o   They help decrease body fat: because your body can not use muscles for energy, it goes straight to the other source of fuel: your fat cells

o   They accelerate the detoxification process simultaneously

o   They support Appetite Control

o   They help regulate the blood sugar levels


-          They help improve the ELASTICITY OF YOUR SKIN

MAPs normalize intra- and extra-osmotic pressure in the entire body. This means that they help improve the elasticity of your skin, but also of all internal tissues of your body. After regular utilization, you can see your wrinkles diminish, your skin becomes much more toned, less “flabby”. This is a powerful ANTI-AGING effect on the whole body. Very overweight / obese people who have been going through the 10-day TRANSFORMATION (see link here and ask me for advice) following a regular MAPs use didn’t see their skin “fall off”. No “skin cut” intervention needed. Their skin was even tighter than before their weight loss. When you give your body what it needs at a cellular level, everything falls into place, as it should.  

Today, Olympic Athletes as well as elderly people use those MAPs. Because they are so effective and can be so helpful for so many reasons. MAPs have even been used by the Vatican to treat MALNUTRITION and help fight the effects of starvation in developing countries. This is powerful and shows how much those proteins are potent and efficient.


I am using them on a regular basis. When I travel I take more of them to be sure I am not losing my muscle mass when I don’t exercise that much. I use them at home when I don’t feel like eating a piece of meat and I still need my proteins. I use them before and after workouts to improve the effects of my workout and decrease my repair and recovery time. I take them when I feel my blood sugar levels drop. Those MAPs are so powerful. I also increase my consumption when I am injured or sick to give my body the tools to recover better and faster.

Anyone can take them, from the sick people to the most healthy elite athletes, from the elderly to the youngest. The amount you are taking will vary depending on your needs and goals. But MAPs are definitely beneficial to anyone.

If you are interested and want to try them, ask me!

-          For UK and Europe: see here

-          For US and anywhere else: ask me for advice

The quality of what you eat is mostly important. But so is the quality of any supplement you are taking. Choose them wisely, avoid all synthetic chemicals that sometimes can do more harm than good. Often, protein supplements are chemical synthesized isolates that do more harm than good... So be picky and respect your own body by making good choices.

Hope this helped,

In Health and Happiness,