How I fight off any cold or flu infection

Food is the best medicine

It’s been 4 years that I am “medication-free”. No antibiotics, no aspirin, no NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen or naproxen (or any others that anyone buys), no chemical drugs what-so-ever. And I live in London, and it is often cold and rainy and windy. So what’s the secret?

There is no big secret actually… Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, this is not about a magic pill that I am having every day and that keeps me energized and that protects me from all disease or sickness. No. It is only about what I am always talking about: having a balanced HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE. Every day I do my best regarding my food intake, my water intake, the way I move my body, how I rest, the way I am thinking… And this is far from the all-too-common misconceptions around having a healthy lifestyle: no calories counting ever and no draining never-ending cardio sessions... Having this healthy balanced lifestyle helps you have a strong immune system, naturally. But there are some times that are tougher, where I feel that my body needs some immune booster, because I can feel when it is fighting some kind of infection, and that I am just at the edge of getting sick (cold or flu type). I feel it coming and I know my immune system is strong and doing its job correctly, but there are a few things I do and that help me get over this and not get sick at all.

1.       Oregano Oil

This is my go-to remedy whenever I feel that something is going on, whether it is in my throat, my nose, my head, or just a general feeling of weakness. Oregano Oil is a potent Immune Booster, that is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. It is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Boron or Niacin. I find it highly effective, I can almost instantly feel the effect. I always have my small bottle of Oregano Oil with me, whatever I am doing, and even more so when I am traveling. Choose wisely as all types of Oregano are not equal. And the source has to be clean and pure. ASK ME for advice.

2.       Vitamin C

I should write a whole article about it. Vitamin C is a powerful essential vitamin. It is water-soluble, which means that your body doesn’t store it. This also means that you have to consume it through your diet. It is a powerful antioxidant, and plays a key role in many body chemicals reactions. It is also essential to heal wounds, repair damaged cells, strengthen bones and teeth, help your body recover, help your Adrenal glands to manage your daily stress levels, and so much more. Whenever your body is being attacked (infected or under too much stress, wherever it comes from), it needs even more vitamin C than usual (MUCH more), and it becomes crucial to take a good source of vitamin C supplement (wholefoods and/or liposomal sources are the best). It is often the kick your body needs to function properly in a strong way. ASK ME for advice on how to choose your vitamin C intake.

3.       Raw Unpurified honey

raw manuka unpurified honey

And I am especially thinking of RAW MANUKA honey here. This all natural nutrient-dense antibiotic, antiseptic and antiviral compound can truly help your body fight any infections. Have it in warm water (organic ginger and lemon tea for example), or 1-2tsp in warm almond milk or coconut milk and enjoy the treat :-) It can also been applied directly on your skin if you have some acne problems for example… Give it a try ;-)

4.       Coconut Oil

I am often talking about it but… not my fault! It is truly a go-to remedy to whatever is happening to you. Its natural potent antiviral and antibacterial properties can truly boost your immune system. So whenever you feel you are getting weaker, add some more spoons of Coconut Oil into your meals (I often try to have it raw and uncooked as well) and let the magic work.

5.       Epsom Salt baths

This is just heaven. Dive into a great warm bath tub with some great Epsom Salts and some drops of essential Oils in it (Frankincense and Lavender and/or Tea Tree oils would be my favourites in this case). Epsom Salt Baths help your body detox and the high temperature can improve your blood flow and help your body fight off infections in a most effective way. At the same type, you decrease your overall stress levels, which is another essential key to a better healing.

6.       Rest… and move gently

In those moments where your body is fighting an inside invader or any other type of infection, it is mostly important to have a good rest, maybe more than usual. It is during your rest and sleep time that your body recovers and repairs the best. ORGANIC PURE TART-CHERRY JUICE can make wonders to give you a boost of antioxidants that will help you have a great deep refreshing sleep.

MEDITATING can truly help your body focus on what is important and focus the energy where it needs to be. It is also important to trust your body and know that Nature only wants you to be in good health. Therefore don’t stick to negative thoughts, stay positive and think of other things than just you and the “disease” or “infection” you are fighting.

gentle movement like tai chi

It is also really helpful to keep on moving in a gentle way. It is important to keep your energy flowing inside your body. Staying seated the whole day is a bad idea. By pumping smoothly your whole fluids, and especially your lymphatic system, you help your body detox and get rid of the “bad stuff” going on inside. So think of walking, stretching or gentle Tai chi or Xi-Gong. Those are amazing practices to get your energy and vitality back.

7.       Drink good quality water

This is a MUST, not only when you feel you are getting sick, but every single day. Water is the most essential element of your body. Without water, nothing functions properly, not even you brain! So choose your water wisely. Avoid tap water, or have it only if it is well filtered. Dry residue should be more than 300. Always have a good bottle of water with you, wherever you are going. The ideal quantity is your body weight in kg * 0.033. But this can vary depending on your sweat and your physical activity. And when you are about to get sick, you might need a bit more too. So just go and drink and feel the difference.

8.       Organic Bone Broth

This is a very ancient remedy, but there are good reasons for it… It works! Prepare your own Organic Grass-fed Bone Broth, add some spices like ginger or TURMERIC, and have some cups all day long. This is a real healer to your organism, especially your digestive system. And as we know, all disease starts in your gut… So whenever you feel you start getting sick or weaker, just go and have some. And be grateful that our ancestors found about this truly efficient magical remedy!

Stephanie Cuesta

Those would be my essential first steps whenever I feel my body is fighting off something. I must say: beware when you are pregnant. Your immune system becomes weaker so you might want to use more oregano oil and warm baths than usual, but there are some things you cannot take anymore (like Oregano oil or hot baths for example...). This has been very hard for me now in winter! But because I am quite balanced, eating good food, resting well and moving my body efficiently, I have always managed to get over periods where I could feel my body getting weaker, without getting sick and without taking anything at all (no medication whatsoever). Yes I am proud of it :-) But I just think that it shows that it does work. Trust nature, trust your body, and don’t beat yourself up mentally. Sometimes feeling weaker can just be a sign of your body telling you to be careful and take care of yourself. So listen to those signs and be smart about it :-)

In Health and Happiness,