How to improve your Chin Ups - for Beginners

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give some tips to improve Chin Ups today, because as a woman, I am still struggling with them, and I know I am not the only one in that case...!

A few years ago, when I started working out regularly, I was only focusing on my lower body: Squats, Lunges, Jumps, Single Leg Deadlifts, etc. etc.…And it happens a lot: guys focusing on their back and biceps, girls on their buttocks and legs :-)

It is important to have a strong back. Strengthening the core back muscles but also the stronger prime movers improves your posture, keeps you injury free and helps improve your overall performance.

For Chin Ups beginners, here are some exercises that can help you get stronger:

1.       Eccentric Chin Ups:
If you can not pull yourself up just yet, start from the top, with the chin above the bar. You can get there by jumping from a box or a stepper. Then you go down very slowly, counting until 10. Start the movement with your back muscles, keeping a tight grip. Stay 1 sec at the bottom, hanging with full extended arms, and jump down. Repeat as many times as possible, targeting at least 12-15 times. I would advise to change grips but if you are a beginner, start with the neutral grip, palms facing each other.


2.       Lat Pull Down:
Sit in an upright position, with good spinal alignment, under the boom. Choose a weight that allows you to go into the full range of motion. If you are injured and want to avoid pressure on the lumbar discs, do it kneeling on the floor.

As you pull the bar towards your chest, it has to go naturally in front of your face/nose (not behind the head as we can often see it…!). The tempo here should be explosive on the way down, and then slowly on the way back up, counting up to 4. As for the precedent exercise, start with a neutral grip, palms facing each other.


3.       Chek Press:
I like this one a lot because it strengthens and integrates back musculature and shoulder girdle, correcting bad posture (hyper kyphosis) all at the same time. You can start sitting on a Swiss Ball and then standing. Most important thing is to keep a good upright neutral posture (ankles, hips and shoulders vertically aligned when you are standing). With head position maintained straight, start with the arms in a closed position book, horizontal. Then you open, press up, close and bring them back down horizontally. Reverse direction as you feel you have 2-3 more reps left.


I do believe that starting doing those exercises on a regular basis will quickly improve your overall upper body strength and posture. Try this out and let me know how it goes,


In Love and Happiness,