About complaining, taking control and being the game changer

How many times do you hear yourself say: “I am fed up with it”, or “I can’t stand this situation anymore”, or “I am so unlucky”, or “I would do the same if I had his life, but I don’t…”, and so on and so on…. It might be human to let go of those thoughts and those emotions. But let’s face it and let’s be honest with ourselves: aren’t we the first ones to blame for our own personal situation? If things are so bad, what are we waiting for to change them? Will anyone make it happen for us? NO!

This is me talking with my heart right now. And talking to myself as well. For example, I am the one complaining the whole time about…. the UK weather that I find terrible and that sometimes really depresses me!! But I have to face it. Either I move out to a sunnier place or I just accept it and let go. It is pointless to go on complaining and thinking of how better it could be if I was somewhere else… What a waste of energy.

And this is one of many examples.

What are most people complaining about? TIME. Not enough time to work out? Not enough time to call your loved ones? Not enough time to meditate? Not enough time to buy good Organic food? Well, what about setting up new priorities and make time for those things because they are important? What about organizing yourself better, set up new standards for your life and stick to your plan? What about taking control of your own life?

Whatever the situation you are in, there are only 3 things you can do: accept it and make the best out of it, change it, or leave it. You can apply that to anything in life. So keep it in mind and you will see how it can change the whole perception of a situation and make your decisions sometimes even… easier to take. Your life depends on you and on no one else. It is a waste of energy to spend time complaining about someone or something. Unless you actually make a move towards a better direction for yourself. In this case, complaining is an eye-opener, and helps you open a new door for a better “world”.

The point I want to make here is quite simple: BE THE GAME CHANGER. You have the power to decide how your life is and will be. You have the power to make it better, to change things that need to be changed…. It is all in you. So you can go on complaining about everything, it doesn’t change the fact that you are the creator of your own reality. Make it a great one. Stop playing the victim. Yes, sometimes it is easier to say: it is not my fault, I wasn’t born smart, or I wasn’t born rich, or I wasn’t born fit…. These are just excuses. If you are not happy about something, CHANGE it, or if you want something, GO and GET IT. Whatever obstacle is on your way. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun, as everyone would be living their dream life already. But one thing is sure. All the challenges on your way, all the mistakes you are going to do, all the effort you will put in, everything is WORTH IT. As soon as you learn something from a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore. It is a lesson. So embrace it and don't be afraid of playing the game of life fully.

We can sometimes be stuck in life, not knowing how to move on. This is always a great opportunity to take step back, to self-reflect on what is going on and to take time to make better decisions. We might be scared of the consequences of the changes we want to make. But isn’t it even more scary to live a life of regrets? Isn’t it even more scary to live with plenty of “What if…” in your head? Life is short, but Life is beautiful and you should make every single second count. Enjoy the NOW, enjoy the journey, be present and mindful and realize that whatever is happening, you are in a safe and peaceful place within yourself. And if anything feels wrong, acknowledge that you have the power to change that.

I can feel how much I have been learning about myself throughout my holistic journey. I have changed a lot, I am much more confident and I feel much more in peace than ever before. An I am not done yet! Still learning a lot in the process but by accepting to work on myself, many unexpected doors opened ways to new possibilities that I had never even thought of. So yes, trust life. Be aligned with your core values, and make sure you are not playing the victim. No one is a victim of their life situation unless they are a “victim who chose to be a victim”. Take action, let your inner strength take control and empower you for the better.

Hope this inspired you and gave you the courage to make things better for you and your loved ones,

In Love and Happiness,