Aloe Vera – Juice from the Gods

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk about a plant that has been used for its therapeutic virtues for thousands of years…. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera means “the bitter truth” in Latin. It’s been used traditionally topically to heal burned skin and wounds, but also orally to ease digestive problems. There’s always a good reason why all remedies have been going on for years and years. Let’s see what Aloe Vera really is:

Ancient civilizations brought Aloe Vera to the Mediterranean regions and other warmer regions around the world.

It is a very easy to grow plant, that doesn’t need much care and much water. It has unique self-repairing abilities that explain why it can overcome many hard climate and natural environment threats.

Aloe Vera is definitely what we can call one of the first ever Superfoods. Aloe Vera contains:

-          20 active plant compounds

-          12  vitamins (like A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12), boosting the antioxidant effect

-          20 minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Potassium, Copper…

-          18 Amino Acids

-          Enzymes that help accelerate wound healing

-          Anthraquinones: these are antibacterial and antiviral. They help strengthen your Immune System. They also confer a laxative effect to the plant

-          Polysaccharides: this type of sugar is antiviral, helps ease gastrointestinal problems and therefore helps as well your Immune system. They may also confer anti-tumor properties to Aloe Vera

-          Fatty Acids: they help to fight inflammation and also give the plant its antiseptic qualities. They also help relieve pain.


Now let’s see what these most common uses that have been experienced for years with Aloe Vera are:

1.       Topical use for skin issues

Aloe Vera has been traditionally used on skin to help heal:

--  Burns

-- sun damage

-- skin abrasions

-- wounds

-- eczema

-- acne

-- psoriasis

-- or any other type of skin inflammation

Aloe Vera is anti-ageing, soothing, moisturizing.

2.       Gastro-Intestinal help

When drinking diluted Aloe Vera Juice (preferably from the Whole Leaf), you help ease your whole digestive tract: whether you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcer, acid reflux, colitis, Crohn’s disease, Aloe Vera will help you feel better and regulate and soothe the inflamed part of your digestive system. For Gastritis, it is usually advised to mix it with Glutamine for better results.

It also helps neutralize stomach acidity and supports good colon function by improving bowel regularity.

3.       Detox effect

Because Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants, it wards off free radicals that cause a lot of stress to our overall system. Therefore, it helps us absorb more nutrients from our food, it boosts the immune system and as a consequence our body detoxification process can function better.

4.       Diabetes support

Aloe Vera may lower blood sugar levels. Therefore you have to be careful if you are taking any glucose-lowering medication.

Ulcers and wounds (on legs mainly) due to diabetes may also heal faster and better when Aloe Vera is applied.

5.       Hair conditioning

Mix 1 part of water with 1 part of Aloe Vera gel, add essential oil and you have a perfect hair conditioning product, that will protect your hair from any external toxins or aggression… On top of that, this will also be a perfect treatment for your scalp, as the antifungal properties will help eliminate dandruff.

6.       May support Cancer prevention

This has still to be confirmed, but Aloe Vera might prevent cancer cells from growing (this has been tested in tubes for lungs cancer cells). The emodin in Aloe Vera may also help treat and prevent breast cancer, but research has still to be made on this.


Only drink diluted, certified, purified version of decolorized aloe vera. The other part, Aloe Vera Latex, which is green/yellow, can have several side effects:

-          Some people might be allergic to it: test a tiny bit first

-          The regular use of the entire leaf may decrease your potassium levels: be very careful as this can aggravate muscle weakness and cardio problems

-          Aloe Vera is not recommended for pregnant women. Also avoid during breastfeeding

-          Aloe Vera may increase the absorption of steroid creams (like hydrocortisol for example)


As always, moderation is key. As a Holistic Life Coach, I do believe that a special cure for a short period of time can make wonders, as I experienced it myself a couple of times: once after I got heavily burned on my legs due to boiled water (and I have no marks whatsoever), and another time as I was suffering from gastritis/ulcer due to too much stress. Aloe Vera is not something I would consume on a daily basis. But the topical gel shouldn’t have any side effect and should be ok to be used daily if you feel like. Always ask a professional if the product you are using is suited or not.

Hope you enjoyed the read, talk to you son :-))