Apple Cider Vinegar – old, traditional go-to

Hello Everyone,

If there is something I love above all, it’s those really old-aged grand-mother remedies. They didn’t need to go to labs and study for hours to explain why their remedies would work. They actually didn’t really care about that. What they experienced themselves was strong enough to convince them of passing on the traditional remedy. If a home-made remedy has been used for centuries, it is simply because it has actually been working!

My grand-mother, 87 years old, told me the other day that her mother used to give her Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to drink regularly before her meals. That was in the 1920s. This was an old “secret” that had been passed on from generations to generations before her, in the family. Her own mother also used it to make her hair shine, and clean some vegetables. This old story inspired me to write this post, as in holistic health we know that ACV is a potent health enhancer and can be used for many different reasons in our daily life.

ACV is the result of 2 long fermentation processes, and is therefore rich in acetic acid, gallic acid, caffeic acid, and polyphenols like catechin, epicatechin. Those compounds are part of what gives the ACV so many beneficial properties.

1.       A natural antimicrobial product

Those organic acids in the vinegar can kill many bad bacterias. ACV can help your immune system to defend you. Feeling a bit weak lately? Give yourself a boost by drinking 1-2Tbsp of ACV diluted in a glass of water before your meals. A special good mix to kill salmonella is to mix vinegar with lemon juice.  

2.       Digestive system support

ACV has been proven to be really effective, especially for heartburn and acid reflux problems.

Acid Reflux usually means that the stomach is not acid enough. This is why ACV can be very helpful.

Also, ACV increases the global nutrient absorption: it can actually increase the absorption of important minerals from the food you eat. This is mainly due to the Acetic Acid it contains. This is important as it basically means that you are improving your overall nutritional level just by having it before meals.

3.       Blood pressure

The acetic acid in ACV may help decrease overall blood pressure. Further studies on this are being held but many people have already experienced this.

4.       Type 2 Diabetes improvement

ACV has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity for pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetic persons. This might be due to the fact that ACV deactivates some of the digestive enzymes that break down carbs from your food into sugar. As a result, you have much less sugar that goes into your bloodstream after a meal. The overall blood sugar levels therefore decreases because of an enhanced insulin sensitivity and a decrease in insulin and sugar spikes after meals.

5.       Moderate weight loss in the long term

2 Tbsp in a glass of water prior to 2 meals a day have been shown to increase satiety, making you eat less. People could see results regarding their bodyweight, abdominal fat, waist circumference.

6.       Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are paramount for our overall health. They help us manage oxidative stress by fighting free radicals that damage our system. Antioxidants improve the way we age. ACV is very rich in antioxidants. This also might contribute to its potential benefits regarding some type of cancers, killing cancer cells or slowing their growth (especially colon, lung, breast and prostate cancer).

7.       Brain health

The acetic acid bacteria in the ACV may enhance the brain cognitive function. This can be great for kids development, but also for aging people.

8.       Sunburn relief

Due to its antibacterial properties, ACV may help heal burnt skin.

9.       Post-workout muscle recovery

Because it helps fighting inflammation in the body, ACV may decrease post-exercise muscles damage, and therefore helps to recover better – and faster.

10.   Household uses

ACV is very effective as a non-toxic spray that absorbs odors and disinfects. Add one part of ACV to one part of water in a spray bottle, mix it up, there you have it! Its antibacterial properties will make sure your house is cleaned in a healthy way.

11.   Helps remove skin tags

Dilute some ACV in water, and with a soaked cotton pad rub your skin tag several times a day on a continual basis. After 1-2 weeks, the skin tag should fall off naturally.

12.   Hair shine

Always dilute the ACV in some water. After your shampoo. Rinse your hair with the mix, and rinse it off with water. Don’t worry, the acidic smell of the ACV will disappear when your hair gets dry, and a brilliant shine will appear on your healthy hair :-)


Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used in your salad dressing, on fish or to marinate some meats.

But as usual, to experience all those benefits, the quality of your ACV has to be good.

It HAS TO be UNPURIFIED, UNFILTERED and ORGANIC. It is the “mother” of the ACV, that mushy substance floating in it, that is the cause of most of those health benefits. You can use distilled vinegar for house cleaning purposes (surfaces, laundry).

The best way to take it is to add 1-2 Tbsp in a glass of water before 2 meals a day. Do it for 1-2 months then stop then do it again. If you take too much of it, it can lower your potassium levels and decrease your bone density in the Long Term.

If you are taking medication, always ask your health practitioner as ACV may interact with them. Especially diuretics, laxatives, and meds for diabetes and heart disease.

I truly believe that everything natural is good for you. Add it to your daily routine, and then change, then come back to it again. Don’t overdo anything. It is all about being balanced.

A big thank you to Super Mamy, my grand-mother in Paris, for inspiring me to write this. And a big thank you to her own mother :-)

In Health and Happiness,