Oregano Oil - Nature's powerful Immune Booster

Hi Everyone,

Many people see me travelling around, always with my Kamut wheatgrass, some awesome amino acids, Peppermint Oil and Oregano Oil. I have already made a blog about the Kamut and the Peppermint Oil, I think it is time to write something about this amazing natural medicine that is Oregano Oil.

Oregano Oil is made out of the leaves and flowers of the Oregano herb. All herbs are not the same though. The most powerful are the Origanum Vulgare and Thymus Capitatus, from the Mediterranean regions.

It is a very potent oil, with many proven immune properties:

-          Antibacterial

-          Antifungal

-          Antiviral

-          Antiseptic

There are 5 main components of Oregano Oil that give it all these powerful properties:

1.       Phenols

Oregano Oil is very rich in Phenols, which are potent antioxydants. That’s why Oregano Oil is 8 times more antioxydants than apples for example, or 3 times more than blueberries…!

Amongst those phenols, there is Thymol, a fungicide with antiseptic properties: it boost the immune system, protects from toxins, prevents time damage (free radicals) and increases the healing force of the body. And there is carvacrol, which helps fight bacteria infections, candica, e. coli, salmonella, listeria (to list just a few).

2.       Oregano Oil is a potent antibacterial ingredient due to the many Terpenes it contains.

3.       Rosmarinic Acid is one of the main compounds, potent antioxidant, that treats more particularly asthma and other respiratory and immune symptoms like artherosclerosis for example. It helps relieve symptoms of allergy attacks (natural antihistaminic).

4.       Naringin is the component that helps inhibiting cancer cells growth.

5.       Beta-caryophillin is the component that inhibits inflammation in general, and therefore helps a lot in case of osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis


Those powerful natural compounds in Oregano Oil are the reason why this oil is so beneficial, in many ways. But Oregano Oil is also rich in many essential Vitamins and Minerals, like Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Niacin.

All this together explains why it is so helpful whenever you start getting sick, especially having respiratory or cold infections. Here are but a few of the main cases where Oregano Oil will help you feel better again:

-          Strong Bacterial Infections

-          Dilute it in Olive Oil and apply on your skin to ward off insects and help heal bug bites and rashes (antiseptic)

-          Steam some hot water in a pot, add a few drops and inhale deeply: this will help cure any respiratory infections, sinus blockage, colds/flu….

-          Add a few drops under the tongue (add some Coconut Oil to it as depending on the Oil it can be too strong), keep it there for a moment and then swallow. This is the best way to use it to treat Urinary Tract Infections, Yeast Infections, Parasitic Infections, sore throat, toothaches

-          Also awesome to relieve muscle and joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and cramps

-          Very helpful for acne or any other skin condition

-          Clean your house with this magical mixture: 4-6 drops of Oregano Oil, 10-12 drops of Lemon Oil, some White Vinegar all in a bucket of water, and there you have it! The best natural product to clean all surfaces of your house


Be careful not to use it on broken skin or open wound.

Oregano Oil might be too powerful for pregnant or nursing women. Please talk to your health practitioner.

So this was for the scientific side of it. All I can say, is that it definitely works! I haven’t been sick at all since 2 years, since I started using it. Because the only “sickness” I regularly had were flu, colds, sore throats mainly. Now, whenever I feel that something is starting in that direction, I take a few drops and that’s it. End of the story.

And no, I haven’t taken ANY MEDICATION (no antibiotics, no NSAIDs, ibuprofen, paracetamol, aspirin etc etc…) since 2-3 years now, since I started my holistic journey. And I have never been so healthy. I guess Nature has its own ways of showing us the way, right?

Just choose wisely which product you are using. It has to be well sourced and all are not very clean out there. So ask for advice if you don’t know.


In Health and Love,