Kefir. Heal your gut, heal your mind, heal your life

If you have been following me a bit you know what my favorite treat is at the moment: a mix of Spirulina, Cinnamon, sometimes some Cacao Nibs but always with Coconut Kefir and water. I have been adding Coconut Kefir to my daily consumption for a while now, and this has helped me feel better in so many ways. Let’s see what this is all about.

1.       What is Coconut Kefir?

Coconut Kefir is the result of coconut milk (or water) fermentation. It is a unique cultured product, incredibly rich in probiotics, enzymes, biotin, folate, vitamins (Vitamin C, B12, K2) and minerals (Calcium, Magnesium). It is a real rich living source of good bacteria that will help you balance out your gut flora. We have 10 times more bacteria than cells in our body. We need good bacteria to be healthy. They have a direct impact on all our vital functions. And that’s one of the reasons why Kefir is so beneficial.

2.       Coconut Kefir or Milk Kefir?

Milk Kefir is a fermented milk product that has been consumed for centuries in Europe and Asia. It was used to cure a wide variety of health problems. It was usually made out of goat/cow/sheep milk and people used to drink it like a liquid yogurt.

Some people who don’t do well with dairy may feel better with Coconut Kefir. But it has also been proven that Milk Kefir actually helps decrease the sensitivity of people to dairy, because of the nature itself of the product. So whatever you will do, it will be good for you, the best way to know is to try it, taking a little bit first and then increasing the quantity.

3.       Coconut Kefir: a treasure for your gut

Today, we know that it is essentially through the digestive system that Kefir helps healing so many different types of health issues.

Why is it so important to take care of your gut? Well, your gut is actually your first brain. Everything starts from it. Your hormonal system, your immune system, your feelings, your emotions…. If you have a leaky gut, or if you don’t absorb essential vitamins and minerals properly, or if your gut is constantly under stress because you are eating foods that are attacking it instead of healing it, well this is not going to last long. You may soon start getting weaker, you get sick more often, you are tired, maybe even depressed. Take care of your gut and the rest will follow.

75-80% of your immune system starts from the gut. Antibiotics, antibacterial soaps and lotions kill your gut flora. Yes they kill the bad bacterias, but they also kill the good ones and this can have many bad consequences for your overall health. As soon as you kill all your good bacterias, the other ones take over. It is instantaneous. You end up feeling very weak, bloated, sick, hormones get out of balance, you experience anxiety and maybe depression. These are but a few of the consequences of a bad gut flora. So again, take care of your good bacteria and help them thrive to give you all your life energy you need!

You are what you eat, but you also are what you absorb. Get your digestive tract sorted and you will be a different person (for the better, don’t worry :-) ).

4.       The Good Bacteria effect

Coconut kefir in particular enhances hydration and recolonize your gut and mucous membrane with healthy powerful strains of microflora.

This beneficial yeast is actually the BEST DEFENSE against dangerous yeast organisms like Candida for example.

Optimal Bacteria balance is paramount and it has direct effect on:

-          Blood sugar imbalances

-          Sugar cravings

-          Low energy

-          Digestive disturbances

-          Weight gain

-          Poor immunity


5.       Other Common benefits of fermented foods in general:

--  Help fight cancer

--  Support detoxification

Aflatoxins are food-born toxins created by mold. You most probably ingest them when you eat peanuts, vegetable oils or grains in general. Lactic Acid Bacteria bind with aflatoxins and fungi and that’s how they help you preserve a healthy genetic expression.

The liver benefits also from kefir as it helps it heal and clean the body.

--  Immunity boost

Probiotics protect better against all sorts of infections. Again, because you are balancing out your good bacteria in all your digestive tract, your immune system gets stronger in general. Whether it is to fight inflammation, or viral, bacterial infections, or even Allergies, Asthma, other autoimmune health issues: you are just stronger from the inside. And this is a HUGE difference for your Energy levels that will rise up and make you feel much better in just a few days or weeks.

--  Relieve intestinal disorders

--  Cleanse endocrine system

--  Relax and tranquilize your nervous system

--  Relieve anxiety

--  May have anti-tumor effect

--  Especially good for pregnant women

And the list of direct / indirect benefits could go on and on.

But these are the most common ones that you can feel quite quickly as you take care of your digestive flora.

So, did you all get it? Add some fermented foods to your daily foods!

Kefir is easy as you can mix it to your smoothies, or just become creative with some cinnamon, raw cacao nibs, some seeds or nuts, maybe some berries or raw honey for the sweeter teeth….

Hope this will inspire you and make you realize how important your gut is.

Obviously, choose good Organic products. ALWAYS. And avoid those with added sugar in it (even if it’s raw cane sugar). Choose wisely, get healthy, and your whole life will go to the next level.

In Love and Health,