Peppermint Oil - A "do-it-all" magic potion

Pure Organic Essential Oils offer a variety of benefits. For whatever you are looking for, you can find an Essential Oil that will suit your needs.

Today I wanted to talk about Peppermint Oil, as I love it and use it regularly.

I use it mainly in the morning for its freshening energizing effect, but also when I feel a headache is on its way (mostly when I travel, in the plane) or after eating if my stomach doesn’t feel good.

But there are so many more uses to it that I decided to share them all with you, hoping this will inspire you to try it and let go of chemical harmful over-the-counter medication…..

Just CHOOSE A GOOD SOURCE. This is essential to get all the benefits and be sure we are helping our body!

So let’s have a look:

1.       A great Respiratory System help:

Rub it on your chest or do inhalations and add some drops in the hot water, this wil help you fight the infection. Peppermint oil is an excellent expectorant and decongestant.

Even in cases of tuberculosis, Peppermint Oil has been found to be preventing worsening and/or recurring of the infection.

For asthmatic people: because it helps cleanse out chemicals that cause asthma, people experience a great change by using it regularly.

2.       A real digestive system healer

Peppermint Oil is a great alternative to medication, especially for colonic spams.

It helps in case of bloating, for any discomfort in stomach / intestine zone. Whether you have nausea, or in case of vomiting, Peppermint Oil can definitely make the difference.

Research shows that regarding IBS people, 50% of the symptoms were relieved for 75% of the participants. This is quite a great result.

3.       Pain relief

Especially regarding sore muscles: massage with a few drops in some oil, or add a few drops inhot bath, and soak in it for 20minutes (more so with Magnesium Flakes in it). It makes miracles J

In case of headaches, add some drops on your wrist and inhale deeply. Massage some on your temples as well for a stronger effect.

4.       Aid in Cancer treatment

Peppermint Oil aids a lot to overcome some side-effects of conventional cancer-related treatments, like nausea, vomiting for example. Helps in case of hot flashes as well (in case of breast cancer).

5.       Herpes Infection aid

Apply some Peppermint Oil topically: this has been found to be very effective, especially to fight herpes infections. And more so, to help in cases of recurrent herpes infections. Because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic effects, it helps you fight the infection and its symptoms.

6.       Hair, Skin and Dental health

To get over dandruff, lice or even increase hair growth, add some Peppermint Oil drops to your shampoos, lotions etc. It also helps for Acne and cracked lips.

When added to your toothpaste, it is an excellent prevention for cavities and bad breath.

7.       Relaxation and Nervous Stress Relief

Peppermint Oil helps you manage Stress better. It has a great steady energizing effect that helps you overcome nervous disorders and mental fatigue.

8.       Always have it with you, wherever you travel!

Whether it is to fight infections, skin rashes or itching, digestive or respitory issues, it is also an excellent natural insect repellent!


This is why I think everyone should have Peppermint Oil at home! Don’t have it everyday as it can disrupt your sleep cycle, but have it when you feel weaker, or for all the reasons we have just mentioned above.

Special mention for Pregnant women, diabetics, infants, or people with gallbladder issues or taking antacids: ask a health practitioner before using it, as some effects can be too strong for them.

In all other cases: ENJOY!!!

Thank you for the incredible information source,

Hope this will inspire you,

In Health and Happiness,