The Truth behind toxic Sunscreens and the real benefits of direct Sunlight

The Sun is coming out, it is getting warmer and maybe some lucky ones are already organizing some trips to the beach.

The usual is to go with a sunscreen for the face, another one for the body, and a very strong one for the kids. Well, it might be time to re-think all the mis-information around this.

Let’s start with what is actually happening: what are you ingesting when you are putting all those sunscreens all over your body?

Well, it’s been proven that one principal ingredient common in almost all sunscreens is Oxybenzone. Because it absorbs UV light. BUT. Let’s do a research here about what Oxybenzone really is.

Research done? Yes exactly. Shocking. Oxybenzone is proven to be toxic to human health, and unfortunately also toxic to the oceans and corals.

Effects of Oxybenzone on human health: endocrine disruption (acting like estrogen), cells damages leading to cancer

Effects on the coral reefs: it provokes coral bleaching, changes coral’s DNA, making it infertile, which decreases dramatically corals’ population. It also triggers abnormalities in corals, like gross deformities (coral mouths 5 times larger than normal)….

And the numbers are scary: YEARLY, 6-14 Thousands of TONS of Sunscreen get lost in coral reefs areas. And Oxybenzone is HIGHLY damaging: one drop of water in 6.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools has dramatic harmful effects.

This is terrible, for Nature and for us: Coral Reefs are considered the rainforests of the sea, they aid in fish biodiversity and support 25% of all marine life themselves…..They are also strong natural breakwaters, improving protection from cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons…. WE CAN NOT GO ON KILLING THEM just because we are unaware of what we are putting on our skin.

You don’t need to put those terrible sunscreens. For many reasons:

1.       There are safer alternatives, all natural and organic, mainly using titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, perfectly harmless and efficient

2.       By using those toxic sunscreens you block your body’s Vitamin D production. And this is very bad! It’s been proven that an increase in Vitamin D in the body reduces risk of 16 different cancers significantly (like pancreatic, lungs, ovarian, breast, prostate, skin cancers)

3.       Studies show that melanoma mortality decreases after UV exposure. SUNLIGHT CAN PROTECT FROM MELANOMA. Yes, you read it correctly.

4.       Sunlight is a nutrient-dense food to your skin and your body!

a.       It has pain-killing properties

b.      It increases subcutaneous fat metabolism (YES)

c.       It improves evening alertness after daytime exposure

d.      It gives you metabolic energy, exactly as if you were eating nutrient-dense foods

5.       The most powerful Internal Sunscreen: Astaxanthin. Thanks to its many potent antioxydants, it helps your skin rejuvenate, protects it naturally from sunburns, enhances your workout recovery…. I take it everyday and saw great results on my skin and endurance all at the same time. ASK US FOR A GREAT SOURCE if you are interested.


I really hope this will make you think twice about what you are doing to yourself and to Nature next time you will want to put some sunscreen. If we educate ourselves and do our own research, we can reverse the tendency and help Nature and ourselves.

In Health and Love,