Tart Cherries – Nature’s most powerful anti-aging secret

If I told you that I know one potent natural ingredient that can help prevent or even reverse premature aging, would you want to know more about it?

Some people may think: what is the deal about it? We all age and we know how this will end for all of us anyway. Well for those ones, I have good news: Isn’t it better to live 100 years of a healthy pain-free life, rather than 70 years of long years of illness and pain? I think we would all agree on this (or most of us), so let’s see now what this is all about.

It is Tart Cherries.

Also called Sour Cherries, Pie Cherries or Montmorency Tart Cherries. They are originated from South-eastern Europe between Russia and Turkey, and are now grown in the US and Canada as well. They are usually picked between March and June, before the usual Sweet Summer Cherries.

Those Tart Cherries are amongst the most powerful Nature’s antioxydants. Amongst World’s Superfoods, they are ranked at the 14th position (out of 50) in the Top best ORAC ingredients (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). It simply means that they have the powerful ability to inhibit free-radicals and other inflammatory processes, resulting in many vital benefits:

They have been proven to be helpful for:

-          Their potent anti-inflammatory effect for all body mechanisms. Therefore they improve:

o   Immune system

o   muscle soreness: accelerate post-workout recovery

o   joint and muscle pain: arthritis, ostheoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases

-          Helping metabolize uric acid (therefore helping for gout treatment)

-          Containing Melatonin, which is the hormone that balance your circadian rhythms and help you get a good repairing sound sleep (helps for Insomnia)

-          Helping prevent or even reverse premature aging

-          Improving heart health

-          Reducing blood pressure

-          Improving cognitive functions (may help for Alzheimer’s)

-          Helping balance cholesterol levels and decrease risk for hardened arteries

-          Natural anticancer protection as a result of a variety of anti-carcinogenic processes (helps pre-cancerous cells to self-destruct, can switch off genes involved in the multiple pathways of cancer)

The main component that make those Tart Cherries so powerful is the phytonutrient Anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are flavonoids that give the red pigment color to the Tart Cherries. Those compounds are powerful antioxydants. They act in all different functions of the body, resulting in all previous explained benefits. It’s even been proven that they deliver compatible anti-inflammatory activity to Ibuprofen or Naproxen for example, without the harmful negative side-effects that those chemical drugs have.

I like to drink my high-quality Organic super-concentrated Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice every night before sleeping. You can mix it to cold or warm water, or with Coconut Kefir (See the blog about Kefir) or Almond Milk. Just CHOOSE WISELY. It has to be clean, ORGANIC, no chemicals, preservatives, or any sweetener added whatsoever.

Nature is full of incredible powerful secrets! It is by educating ourselves that we can transform our life in such a great and vibrant space to be. Once you get to that energy space, you don’t want to go back to where you were before. The best way to know if it works is to give it a chance and try it on your own personal laboratory: your body. So just do it, you will never regret it :-))

Here is the link to the one I have been using for a while now. Purest source and tremendously efficient:

in the UK/Europe: MBB Tart Cherries

in the US: MBB Tart Cherries

In Love and Health,