You are the Creator of your own Life - Make it all happen

Your thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts will make it happen, whatever it is you are thinking.

“This guy is amazing I could never be like that”: well it turns out that indeed, you are not like that because you believe this is not for you.

“I will never be able to travel there, this is not going to happen for me”: well, the Universe listens and indeed, you never make it there, wherever it is.

“I am a loser”: indeed, the Universe listens and everything you do is a failed attempt, whatever that is.

We all go through tough times, where things start going down, we lose faith in life, become scared of what is or might happen, we close ourselves in our own bubble. This is normal, it’s good to have some time to self-reflect on what is going on.

The most important is not to lose faith in the Universe. The Universe will always be on your side and say "YES" to you, no matter what that is that you are thinking about. In fact, everything happens for a reason. Everything. Even the worst things. I don’t talk much about it, but I lost my father in a car accident when I was 14, almost 15. It was tragic, it was sudden, unexpected, shocking and unfair. This man was a hero (and still is) to me, I had and I still have this deep connection with him. This is horrible but today, I know that even that happened for a reason. There is a lesson to learn in everything that is happening to us.

What I really want to say with all of this is quite simple: never underestimate the power of your thoughts. There is some magic in all of us. If we all dig deep into ourselves, we can all find some beautiful treasures. Usually, if you have this incredible Dream, that you don’t even dare talk about because it just seems too crazy, well, I have good news for you. It shows you the way. If this is your Dream, whatever that is, then it just means it is meant for you and you should go for it.

One essential tip that I give to all my clients is: everyday, when you wake up, appreciate the moment, appreciate what you are and what you have now. Everything. Take a moment to celebrate your life as it is right now, even if you still think it is not worth it or that your life is miserable. The more you do it, the more you will believe in it, the more good things will happen to you.

And last but not least, “FLIP THE COIN” whenever negative thoughts start coming into your head. If you think “I am so fat and ugly, I can’t stand myself anymore”, flip the coin and say instead: “I love and respect my body as it is right now. I will nourish it and give it all it needs to be at my best all the time”.  Another example: if you start thinking: “I won’t make it this month I have not enough money this is scary”, flip the coin and say instead: “I know that life is abundant, everything will come into place. I trust myself and the universe and I know that everything is going to be fine”.

Again, even if you don’t believe in that: say it, think it. Fake it until you make it or until you believe in it.

At the end, it is all about Love. This is so clear to me. Love yourself, Love the planet, Love the others, be respectful, kind, loving. Only good things happen if you are aligned with your heart and soul.

Those were my thoughts today :-)

Have a beautiful day everyone,