The Leader in you sets high standards

You are who you accept to be.

Today I want to talk about the importance of the standards that you set for your own life.

Whether in your job, your love life, your family and friends… The standards you set are the ones you are going to get.  What is the main difference between someone who works out early in the morning and prepare a nice healthy breakfast before going to work, and someone who prefers to stay in bed and then pick up some cookies on their way to work? Exactly, it is their own personal standards: they are the opposite. The first one sees himself as an athlete and a healthy, vibrant, energetic person. The other one has much lower standards regarding his own health, and therefore he is not taking any actions that could make him healthier.

Your standards determine your routine, your habits. If breakfast is essential for you, you are going to prepare and have a good one every day, no matter what. If to you breakfast is not that important, you will skip it more often than not. Your standards drive your actions. If you have high standards regarding your professional achievement, you will always make sure to be at your best, and you won’t settle for less. And this is what will define you.

Your standards help you determine what you say YES to, and what you say NO to. If you have high standards regarding your personal development for example, you will do everything to grow and become the best of yourself and you will be fulfilled by doing it. You will say YES to meditation and inspirational audios or videos, and you will say NO to brainwashing TV programs that won’t teach you anything. You will say YES to an evening sharing with friends your spiritual growth, and you will say NO to some other evenings with people who only put you down. You are what you make out of your time. And you have the control on it. So if you know what you want in life, if you know who you want to be: just be that person. It only depends on you and on no one else.

Same thing for your entourage. If you have high standards, you want your entourage, your friends, to teach you things, you want to grow with them, to feel the connection and know that their presence makes you a much better person. People who are negative, or who don’t want your success, or who don’t support you and who maybe don’t have the same standards in life than you, won’t be around you as much anymore. Because you will feel a void in their presence, very naturally you will be attracted to different people who will take you there where you want to be. That’s the process of life. Some friends are always here on your side no matter what, because you have a deep connection, because they are your first fan, because your success makes them happy and because they support you no matter what. With some other people, their love or friendship is more conditional. Some people don’t like to see you change and grow and become a better person because they are not at a stage where they can follow you on this. It might actually trigger some feelings of inferiority, or some kind of complex when they are with you, because they are comparing themselves to you. They start judging you, some might think that you changed too much and that you are not the same anymore. This is a mistake: you don’t really change, you just know better who you are and you are expressing it. Don’t limit your own standards to theirs. Be an example for those people. Be inspiring. Let them follow their journey. By seeing you moving on, they might realize that they can upgrade their own standards, too.

Having high standards is a natural way of developing habits that will make you achieve what you signed up for. Your daily habits are mostly important. They determine who you are and who you are becoming. They are the seeds that you are planting and that will determine who you are tomorrow. Be confident, stop limiting yourself because either you don’t believe you can be better, or because you are afraid of change, and scared of going out of your comfort zone. There is no better feeling than the one of achievement, and feeling the power you have over your own life. You are the king so you have the control. Use your power and make it real.

BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BECOME. What would that person do now? How would they think? Who would they be with? What would they do with their free time? Be this person. You are worth so much, no low standards should be accepted for anything.

I could write for hours and give you many other examples of how important your standards are. Don’t worry, I am not going to do it :-) I hope you will think about all of it yourself and see how you can apply this in your own life.

Don’t settle for less. Live the life you want to live. No excuses can make your standards fall into pieces. Change your priorities, and let the leader inside of you express himself. This is the leader of your life. This is you.

In Love and Happiness,