Who is your TRIBE?

Hello Everyone,

Today’s topic is one that I think is really important and has a lot of influence in anyone’s life: who you are spending time with.

Who you surround yourself with is essential for your own personal growth, and even for your overall health and life in general. Your mindset, your determination, your life standards… All those things that drive you, your actions and your outcomes in life, are influenced by those persons that you see the most. I personally love to surround myself with people that I can look up to. People who inspire me, that make me be a better person, people whose positive energy gives me wings to fly and reasons to enjoy life even more. Of course, sometimes, you have to be that person who lifts others up. But if you are always in that position, if people around you are somehow dragging you down unless you lift them up, it becomes tricky. Some people like to feel that their entourage looks up to them. It makes them feel better about themselves. Some people think that this shows how much they are loved, and they feel comfortable and powerful. But if you think about it, how good can that really be?

Look into your phone’s messages, and check who the people you are talking the most with are. If you are the one who is in a "better" place in life, if you are the one who is somehow making it better than anyone else, in his career or in his personal life…. If you are that person that most people of your entourage looks up to, well then there is a problem and you should start opening yourself up to new people. New people who will give you a new momentum, a new drive, a great support and a powerful way for self-development and empowerment. 

Life is movement. Don’t stay stuck where you are because you think you have already done enough. It is never enough. Always move on, go forward, search new challenges and become a better you every single day. Surround yourself with people who are aligned with your values, who somehow can inspire you and guide you in your own journey, who are growing themselves and supporting you on your way, and on their way as well. Those people are precious.

Movement is Change. It is also normal that your entourage changes with time. Some people might be there for a while and then, you just see them less and less. This is normal, embrace the change. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them anymore, or vice-versa. Some people will always be connected to you, whether you see them often or not. And you know who these special people are. It is just how life is, and I do think that it often happens because you need space for new people now. I am sure that if you think about it, you will realize how your entourage shows how you have actually been evolving in life. Whether because of the way you changed spiritually, mentally, or even sometimes physically…. Everything happens for you and for a reason.

Give yourself a chance to live a fulfilling life. As humans, we need each other to grow, to learn, to become better and to do incredible things all together. So look for those who will support you and inspire you on your way. Make your life a fulfilling and abundant one.

In Love and Happiness,