Why I chose the Holistic Lifestyle

Hi everyone,

Today I feel like sharing with you some thoughts about why I dedicated my new career and my life to the Holistic Healthy Lifestyle.

Many people don’t see the point of stopping drinking soda drinks for example: they tell me: “I prefer to die younger and live a fulfilled life of pleasures like this than having to live in constant frustration”. So here I am going to share with you my personal point of view about it.

To me, this has nothing to do with just living longer. I want to live AT MY BEST. I want to have all the capacities, physical and mental and emotional, and be at my best as much as I can. And I don’t want to end up taking medication after medication, making my body weaker and weaker, and spend weeks or months of my life between operations and hospital rooms. I want QUALITY. I want to have clarity of mind and be able to grow and learn all the way till the “end”. I want to be able to move my body and help it be functional, healthy as long as possible so that I don’t end up frustrated because I can not use it anymore.

Because let’s face it, what is the worst frustration: not being able to move your body because you have been destroying it slowly but surely, or saying no to unnecessary chemicals laden foods and drinks? Especially when you start understanding how rich and fulfilling real Wholefoods are and how empowered they make you feel! (But I guess this is another topic).

I started my Holistic Health Journey when I had no choice anymore. When I was losing it: I was sick every single month, taking antibiotics every single month, and I was told that I would be like that all my life because I was just a weak person who had a very sensitive sinus…… Well I wish I could see the doctor who told me that years ago, I wish he could see me right now and explain to me how I made it. Because well, it’s been 3 years now that I haven’t used ANY MEDICATION whatsoever: no antibiotics, no paracetamol, advil, aspirin or other NSAIDS….NOTHING. Only great powerful natural stuff that helped me become stronger instead of making me weaker and weaker. And now I can say that my Immune System is stronger as it has ever been. I don’t get sick anymore, even when I am surrounded with people who all got sick. I feel my energy levels are high up there, and therefore I have more potential and ability to decide what I really want to do with my life. I am still struggling with some Adrenal Fatigue, this is what I am still working on, but hey. I’ve been a long way and I realise now how miserable I was a few years go: younger but so much older on the inside….!

Taking my health back on track was the best decision I have ever made. Because once you get to that state where you are really healthy, you realise how terrible it is when you are not! Unfortunately, more often than not, people who are not at their best and live a really toxic life, don’t realise how much they are missing, how they are downgrading their own potential, how they are missing on so many things…..

Am I frustrated because I have no soda drinks or any kind of processed foods at home? HELL NO!!!! When you get back in touch with your body, you re-discover the real taste and smell of REAL FOOD and honestly, there is nothing better than that! The way it tastes, and the way you feel when you eat those organic foods, says it all. There is no frustration whatsoever. Do I have cravings? NO!! Because I give my body all it needs to function optimally, I have no cravings at all, and I am not fighting against myself when I go somewhere and there are cupcakes everywhere: I honestly find those chemical colourings and artificial flavours…. unappealing and I respect myself too much to a) sponsor people who sell those poisonous foods and make us sick and b) give my body those foods that will make it sick and function at a state that is not at my levels of expectations.

Because yes, I know I can do a lot, and I know I can do it when I help my body function optimally. I am just not willing to go back to how I was before. I have never been so happy with myself as I am now, and I know I can still be much better and I am enjoying the journey so much, because every day I know I am a better person. So yes, getting older turns into a favour for me!

What I would like to say as well is that this can all seem very extreme to many of you. I am not eating 100% organic, because yes, sometimes I go out with friends, and more often than not, our food is not organic. And yes I like to have some good red wine or my glass of Champagne when I am out. But this is completely fine because I never over-indulge, I know how to make it a great experience and not finish completely wasted, and I know how to appreciate those moments because to me it is all about sharing something with people I love. But whenever I can decide of the type of foods or drinks I am having, it will always be the best I can get. So at home, it is all 100% organic and you can try to find some processed foods in my kitchen, be ready to fail….:-)

I like to talk about the 80-20 rule that you can keep in mind: if 80% of the time you are helping yourself to get better, it is ok to have 20% of other stuff. But at the end I like to listen to my body. Sometimes I feel I can get along with 1-2 glasses of red wine, and sometimes not. And that’s it. I like to be aligned with my sensations and my feelings. Learn to listen to your body, and you will learn a lot about yourself and start making better decisions that can transform your life.

So yes, at home, it’s all organic, natural cleaning products, natural organic skincare, himalayan salt lamps, anti-Electro-Magnetic Fields pyramids, empowering crystals and a big amount of good mineral water and coconut oil. But this is all part of me, and it is the way I feel now that shows me how right I was with taking the decision of taking care of myself!

Now a note for many persons out there, especially girls or women who are obsessed with losing weight: I spent my whole life unhappy with myself, went through anorexia and was never ever happy and comfortable with the way I looked. I was obsessed with counting calories and I literally destroyed my health trying to decrease calories, drain myself in the gym, eating only non-fat and artificially sweetened foods….. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY. I realise today how wrong this all was. Focus on BEING HEALTHY rather than being skinny, and your body will say thank you to you in a beautiful way….. When you live a healthy, fulfilling life, dealing with your inner struggles and emotions, and accepting yourself as you are right now and really loving yourself, that’s when wonders happen. A healthy happy mind and soul live in a beautiful radiant body. Give yourself a chance to be at your best and believe that you are an invaluable human soul that deserves only the best.


I could say so many more things about the enormous impact of my Holistic Lifestyle on my overall life, but I think this would be like writing a book :-)

So for now I am going to stop here and hope this gave some insight and inspiration for some of you.

Take care of yourself and be the wonderful person you are meant to be,

In Love,