Reset and restart

Today I want to talk about the incredible virtue of the circle of life.

Life is an ongoing journey, that sometimes takes us there where we would never think we could find ourselves. It can be scary, exciting, or even incomprehensible. Sometimes, we have to wait and see how things unfold to understand the true meaning behind everything that happens to us.

As I am myself in the quest of more understanding of myself, my soul, my life, I can see how everything happened to me for a good reason. Everything. And what I have been learning, is that I have always managed to get up and go on with a new lesson learned, and even more strength and confidence in myself, step by step, challenge after challenge.

Many people stay stuck because they don’t understand what is happening to them, and because they often feel it is unfair and undeserved. Overthinking the past is a waste of time, unless you take great lessons from it and unless it gives you motivation to start a new journey. I truly believe in the circle of life, in everything that it means. The end of something is always the new beginning of something else. Life unfolds exactly as it should. And it is beautiful to see it, to feel you can trust and do things knowing everything will always be for the better.

Don’t keep on re-thinking of all the bad things that have or are still happening to you. We all have phases where life is just showing us that we should change something, maybe we should just change the direction we are taking. By connecting to yourself regularly, feeling the alignment, you will understand what is going on and how you have to change it.

Life is movement. This statement means a lot. It is not only about moving in terms of exercise, like physically moving your body. It is also about constant movement, this never-ending road we are on and where everything always changes. It is actually quite a beautiful thing to observe. Movement makes us alive, whether physically or mentally and spiritually. Moving means learning, means growing, means enjoying whatever is happening because we know it’s for our best.

Yes, I am experiencing a lot of change in my life at the moment, and I am loving it. I am loving going through it, I am actually loving the journey. With its ups, and its downs. I truly believe that my daily routine regarding food, exercise, rest and meditation, helps me go through it in the most efficient way. Oh yes, I am still doing so many mistakes in so many ways, but that’s part of the game and it’s the beauty of my journey. I prefer making mistakes, acknowledging them and move on, rather than stay stuck, paralyzed by fear and by limiting beliefs, and therefore not take any action.

Life is made to be enjoyed fully. Don’t wait until you get somewhere before enjoying it. So many people waste time saying: “I can’t wait for….” Or “When I have this, things will be better” or “When I get there, I will feel so much better”, etc etc. I believe that keeping in mind your purpose, your objective, and going for it is essential to keep on moving in the direction you soul is sending you to. But it is even as important to enjoy all steps on your way, to see how life is unfolding, to realize that no, it’s not about where you are now. It is about where you are compared to yesterday.

To finish, these are a few tips I am thinking of to help you re-connect with yourself and enjoy the present moment more:

-          Stop all negative self-talk. You don’t need to destroy yourself so much. FLIP THE COIN and start helping yourself with great words

-          Don’t compare yourself to anyone besides yourself

-          Always keep in mind that there are no failures, only lessons learned. Therefore, anything you feel aligned with is always worth the try

-          Love yourself so much, that you won’t allow to harm yourself anymore

-          Repeat to yourself regularly: “I accept and value myself as I am. Life is unfolding exactly as it should

-          And finally, take care of yourself. Eat good, nourishing food that will energize you and give you clarity of mind. Rest enough and always take time to meditate and re-connect with your Inner Self, your Inner guidance.

I hope those thoughts help you feel better in whatever you are going through.

All the answers are within. So go have a look, you may find a cave full of unexpected treasures.