My favourite Morning Superfoods treat

Many people have been asking me what I have been eating during and now, after pregnancy…

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Well to be honest, I have been eating the same things I always eat!! During pregnancy and even now sometimes, as I am breastfeeding, the only difference was that sometimes I felt I needed more “real” proteins… What I mean by that is more flesh food, especially red meat and organ meat.

I must say that I know my body quite well now, and I feel the signs of what is is asking me. Some days I need more proteins, some other days more carbs…. (those carbs days are quite rare though I must say, since I have been adding LOADS OF FATS in my diet).

Your body is in continuous movement. What suits you now might not suit you in a couple of weeks or months anymore. This is why it is extremely important to listen to what it is telling you. To do so, you have to switch off your brain. As women, we often listen to our brain more than to our own guts, and this is often self-destructive…. If you feel like eating a steak rather than a salad, EAT IT. It does mean that your body is deficient in proteins or fats or vitamin B12 or vitamin A, a bunch of things that a salad can not give you. If you are in tune with those needs, you can’t go wrong.

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People who have been following me know it by now… I can not start a day without my succulent Spirulina treat!! YES IT IS A TREAT. I love to have it when I wake up, before working out. That’s how I feel the best. Before having my baby, I used to have a good bigger breakfast (salmon or eggs or chicken or… basically a normal meal), and I used to work out a couple of hours later (allowing time to digest my food), before lunch. But now, I usually have a small hour window in the morning when baby is with her father to work out, so I don’t have time to eat a complete breakfast. This Spirulina treat is therefore ideal to give me the quick boost I need!

This is a routine I have been having now for the last couple of months. With some exceptions of course, some days I just need a bigger breakfast. Again, it is all about listening to your gut…

Here we go:

All ingredients are organic of course.

When I use home-made kefir, it is either coconut kefir, or raw unpasteurised goat or cow milk kefir.

-          200-300mL Coconut kefir and/or water

-          1-2 Tbsp Spirulina (That might be too much if you are not used to it… start with little and increase slowly)

-          1-2 Tbsp raw Cacao nibs

-          1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

-          1 Tbsp MCT Oil or Coconut oil

-          1 Tbsp Pumpkin seeds

-          Optional:

o   Cacao Powder

o   Hemp seeds

o   Coconut flakes

o   1 Tbsp Moringa (I sometimes have this in another “smoothie” later during the day)

This is really satisfying and satiating. There are a lot of FATS in it, and proteins as well.

Sometimes, I do feel like having a gluten-free oat porridge instead. In this case, I will mix it with:

-          Raw unprocessed honey

-          Ceylon cinnamon

-          Cacao nibs

-          Cacao powder

-          Raw grass-fed butter or MCT oil or Coconut oil

…. But it doesn’t happen very often. I feel better when I don’t eat grains at all, whether they are gluten-free or not. But that’s just me!!

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Honestly, this is the type of mix where you can add whatever you like. The taste can be quite special for some people… but I love it like that and it really makes me feel good. And baby girl can laugh at my green moustache every morning :-)

Please share with me what are your own ways to eat your favourite superfoods!

In Health and Happiness,