Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about an excellent exercise that Paul Chek calls a “Big Bang” Exercise because ALL the muscles are firing: the Supine Lateral Ball Roll.


The Supine Lateral Ball Roll is to Swiss Ball training what Deadlift is to free weight training.

In order to keep a good form, all systems are required: the Anterior Oblique System, the Posterior Oblique System, the Lateral System and the Deep Longitudinal System: your body is training on all planes of movement. Therefore, this is a hard exercise where many muscles are firing at the same time. Key is to keep a PERFECT form. Stop the exercise otherwise.

So this is how it should be done:

Lay down on the ball, head and shoulder on top of the Swiss ball and the rest of the body in anatomical neutral position, as horizontal as possible (choose the right size of the ball). Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth (swallow saliva, see how the tongue ends? Keep it there:-) )

Knees should be kept vertically on top of the ankles. Torso is flat.

Straighten the arms at 90° with palms up.

Ideally, use a dowel rod to maintain good horizontal shoulder position.

Start rolling laterally, holding the exact same position. Shoulders must not drop (dowel rod must stay horizontal), and hips must be kept parallel to the floor.

Stay on this side for 3-10s, depending whether you are looking for stabilizer endurance (8-10s) or strength at the farthest lateral position (1-3s).

Then roll to the other side, proceeding the exact same way. It is mostly important to keep a perfect form during the whole exercise.


Form must be checked once you are in the lateral hold position, not while you are moving there.

Repeat 8-10 times on each side.

Further progressions are to go further laterally and then to lift a leg as you hold the position.

This is an excellent exercise that is quite demanding physiologically. So take it into account when writing down a program.

Hope this will inspire some of you!

In Health and Happiness,