Pregnancy: my journey so far, well into 3rd trimester

I am well into the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy already and it is true, I haven’t been talking about it that much. I didn’t want to annoy people with it, especially the ones who can not relate to it at all, and are not interested in it at all. But I think it is time for me to open a little bit more about it, just for the people that it might interest. And after all, this is a huge part of my life now and I can’t do as if nothing is changing at all….! So here I am talking about THE topic: Pregnancy, and how I have been dealing with it so far.

When I found out I was pregnant, I must admit that it took me some time to really realize what was going on, and what it really meant. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it at all! So it was a mix feeling, of true deep happiness, and of confusion. I haven’t told anyone until quite late into the 3rd month, because I felt like living this moment with myself only. I tend to be like that: when things happen to me, I don’t communicate much and tend to live the moment with and for myself, in my own bubble.

I have been very lucky during the 1st trimester. No sickness, no nausea. Well, almost. For 2-3 weeks, I did feel a bit sick, and just because I accepted to take the synthetic form of folate (folic acid) that everyone told me to start taking. My body literally rejected this fake substance. My sickness started when I was taking it, and stopped a couple of days after I stopped and replaced it with its natural form, called folate. Everyone is different so this won’t happen to every women, but it is good to know and as you know, I think anyway that the natural form of everything is always the best option.

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I was tired but not extremely. My main struggle was just to realize what was going on, more than really any physical challenge. I was a bit weaker and had to sleep a bit longer but besides that, it was mainly a mental change for me that I had to accept and work on. I was deeply happy about it, just had to accept what it meant for me and the rest of my life.


2nd trimester has been an easy time for me. Enjoying the moment, enjoying the experience, no physical challenges at all. Feeling good, exercising regularly, traveling a lot. Seeing my belly grow every week and being proud about it. I haven’t had any special craving at all, I have been eating as usual, with more of proteins and lots of good fats though. Some people are surprised when I tell them that I have no idea how much weight I put on. I honestly don’t care! I listen to my body, I choose the best food quality I can, I rest when I feel like and challenge myself in the gym when I feel I can do it. My body is doing its work so that everything goes well, and that’s all that matters for me. So many people don’t even ask me about how I feel, but rather about how many pounds or kilos I put on. Seriously, our society is so “weight focused”. It is always only all about that. People don’t realize what being and feeling healthy and at our best means. When we get to that state, the problems about weight gain or weight loss are not problems anymore. My only focus is to go on being healthy, on living the holistic lifestyle that allowed me to get to that well-being state, and that’s it. Women will put on weight during pregnancy, and if they don’t, I don’t think it is very healthy. Our blood volume, lymphatic system increase almost to double. We have a new organ: the placenta. And Amniotic liquid, and a baby. So yes, it represents a lot more than what we usually have. And we should be embracing this nature’s miracle, rather than criticizing or being afraid of the “negative side effects” of it. Nature is beautiful. Everything about it is beautiful.

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Second Trimester meant as well preparation of the birth: how I wanted it, how the best natural holistic way to live this pregnancy is. I have been reading and researching a lot about it, and have learnt a lot and I am still learning a lot about it. NO, I am not scared of having a natural birth. And YES, I hope I can have it at home, with my beeswax candles, Himalayan salt lamps, relaxation music and essential oils. I won’t be sure of how everything will happen until it actually happens! And if for any reason it has to happen in the hospital, so be it. But I am happy to be informed and be able to prepare a birth plan that I can relate to as much as possible.

And now, the 3rd trimester. I still feel very good, but the big belly is taking a lot of space. Moving in bed becomes a real workout and I have to be careful on stairs as I can’t see my feet anymore..:-) But now I can feel the baby moving everyday, quite a lot, and that is amazing. It is getting more and more concrete and real, every day. I still haven’t bought anything for the baby so this is my main focus this week: find the best organic cotton clothes and natural untreated wooden furniture I can. I don’t want to buy much, just the minimum necessary. I truly believe that a baby doesn’t need many things, besides lots of love and skin-to-skin contact with both parents.

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So this is where I am at at the moment. Happy about the experience, struggling with my own thoughts and fears sometimes but embracing it all as it comes, trusting the journey, as usual. Everything happens for a reason. My pregnancy has been an amazing test regarding my past inner struggles, like the eating disorder I have been suffering with for many years. And I am so glad to see that I am definitely over it. That I love my body the way it is, that the fears and negative thoughts I used to have definitely left me. This is a real breakthrough for me: realizing that yes, I got over my eating disorder, and that I got over it in a very DEEP way, not only superficially. Nothing is worth sabotaging my mental health and overall well-being. Negative self-talk might happen from time to time but now I am aware of it and know how to stop it early enough. I know how to avoid bad energies around me. I am confident enough to make the best choices for myself.

So, people: NO. I am not bothered with the weight I am putting on. No, I am not wondering whether cellulitis or eventual stretch marks will appear or not. These are the least of my thoughts right now. All I want, is for my baby to grow and develop in a healthy way, in a healthy environment, listening to my piano playing and dancing with me during my warm-ups before my workouts.

To all mothers-to-be: congratulations, trust the journey and trust your body!

To the other ones: whether you wish to get pregnant or not, one thing is sure: your body is an incredible gift. Take care of it. For you, for your relationships, for your life.

In Health and Happiness,