Annoyed with holistic health posts?

I am writing about this as I can see a lot of negative comments (especially from women…!) a bit everywhere on the internet.

People see a pregnant woman exercising and here they go:

-          Why do they all feel obliged to work out during pregnancy?

-          Do you know that you have to gain weight, no matter how much you exercise?

-          Are you still looking for 6 packs?

-          This is dangerous for the baby’s health and development!

-          …

I must say I can’t complain because my friends and followers have mostly been supportive as I was going on exercising and showing it on the social medias. But when I see some comments going on on other accounts, I can’t but think that some people around me might think or feel the same.

So this is my take on this.

1.       Pregnancy is not a medical condition

Fit pregnancy back squats stephcuesta

Of course, some pregnancies are more risky than others. And in general, I would advice everyone to get cleared by their health practitioners before starting any type of exercise. For women who have been exercising regularly before getting pregnant, going on with this healthy habit can only help their body stay strong and functional during pregnancy. I wouldn’t start something completely new that I have never done before, besides some yoga or pilates maybe. But my body is used to walk the same way it is used to do Back Squats. So yes, for me, Back Squats are still ok to be performed as my belly is growing.

Obviously, the intensity can’t be the same, and as usual I would say: listen to your body. Do only what feels good, physically. Don’t drain yourself just because you think you should keep up the same level of fitness as before. Your body has a lot of energy to involve in this growing baby, so it is more than normal to feel more fatigued and to not have as much strength as before.

I am lifting maybe 50-70% of the weight I used to lift (depending on the exercise). And I don’t care! As long as it feels good, as long as I can keep a good form, it is all good. My core is not as strong so it is completely normal to not perform as well as before, and I wouldn’t want to lift the same weight as I wouldn’t want to injure my spine…!

2.       Staying active is important

To the contrary of what most people think, working out is not all about staying fit and/or losing weight. There is so much more to it.

Fit pregnancy stay active stephcuesta

Some women will feel like training, some others will feel like just walking, getting some fresh air. And this is totally fine. Life is movement. And this goes as well during pregnancy. I truly believe that staying active by moving your body is crucial and will help you feel good throughout pregnancy. Now again, listen to your body! Maybe you were used to walk for 2 hours and be barely tired afterwards. And maybe now after 30 minutes you just feel like lying down. This is completely fine, and again, this is what you should do if this is how you feel…! The most important is to keep on moving a minimum. Pump up your fluids and help your body throughout its transformation. Oxygenating your body is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Relaxing movements like Tai Chi or Xi Gong make wonders to increase your inner energy levels. It is only gentle movements that never get you out of breath, and that help your body activate its life force.

3.       Each pregnancy is different

Social medias can be awesome in many ways. It is a great way to follow interesting people, to learn new things, to get information that you are interested in. But unfortunately, people tend to compare themselves to the images they see, especially women. And if for whatever reason those women don’t feel good with themselves, they will hate to see those images, and feel the need to criticize and push the person down. But this is all because of how they perceive themselves and how they can’t stand the comparison they have in their mind all the time with those social media images.

No one should ever compare themselves to anyone, besides to how they were yesterday. So if you don’t feel like exercising because you feel too weak for that, don’t! Be happy for the people who feel good, but don’t compare yourself to them. Be happy with yourself and be happy for the other ones. Negative critics won’t make you feel better.

4.       It is not only about working out and looking good

Many people know now that I am a gym freak. I love lifting weights, it helped me get much more confident in so many different ways. So yes, to me it is all natural to keep on doing it as I am growing this baby in my belly. But people tend to forget all the rest. The holistic lifestyle.

First I would like to say that working out is not just about looking good. The benefits from exercise largely outweigh the impacts on your figure. The way it boosts your immune system, your digestion system, it increases your bones strength, and you are emotionally and mentally stronger. Try to get the same effect by laying down on your couch. I doubt you will get nearly there.

Also, I am not only working out and then eating crap, sleeping badly, getting overstressed with stupid things and brainwashed with current TV shows and ads. No. I am truly living the HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE.

What does that mean?

It means that there are a whole lots of other things you should be taking care of.

Meditate every day. Eat organic fresh wholefoods as often as you can. Respect your sleeping pattern as much as I can. Get back in touch with who you really are, with your Inner Self. Because being aligned is the most beautiful and empowering feeling ever. Use wholefoods as medecine. Listen to all your body signs and do your best to keep your body, soul and mind aligned.

So yes, these are my top priorities every day. All of this gives me the energy to work out at the gym and feel awesome with it. But it is my whole lifestyle that allowed me to have that amazing pregnancy the whole way through.

Yes, I do go out from times to times. Yes, I do sleep late sometimes as well. Yes, I do go to non-organic restaurants sometimes. But this is all about balance. 80% of the time, I make things right. And the result is there: I haven’t been sick at all (not one infection, not one flu or cold) in 4-5 years. Not even during pregnancy, where our immune system is much weaker. And no, I am not taking any medicine whatsoever. Nothing. Any doctor here to tell me I am just being lucky? Or it is just in my genes? Well, no it is not. It is not in my genes, and I am not being lucky. I am just being responsible for myself. I am doing my own research on many things instead of blindly believing things that don’t feel good or right to me.

Fit pregnancy holistic health stephcuesta

So you know, I hope I can inspire some people with some exercises and videos I am posting. But I know that most of the transformations happen behind the scene, on the daily decisions you take for yourself. I see that in my coaching more particularly. The most successful clients are the ones who discovered what really means to feel good. And no, it is not the ones who are working out the most. It is the ones who decided to put their health and wellbeing as a priority. And once you decide that, there is no turning back, because there is no better and more empowering feeling.

If you don’t know how and where to start, I am there to help. This is my job, and yes. This is my passion as well.

In Health and Happiness,