Tools for before, during and after pregnancy

Are you on your way on becoming pregnant?

Are you maybe struggling getting pregnant?

Are you pregnant and a bit lost regarding what to eat, do, prepare?

Are you a new mom who is confused regarding how to feed her baby or how to make them sleep?

This should help you more than you think....: Most of them recommended to me by awesome friends who will recognize themselves. Thank you guys for saving my life :-)))

1.       Before becoming pregnant:

The better baby book”, by Lana Asprey, M.D, and Dave Asprey

the better baby book asprey holistic natural pregnancy stephcuesta

This is an amazing book to get ready for pregnancy, and to get a good vision already of what best foods and supplements are the best for you, before – and throughout pregnancy.

This book will help you make better decisions to help your body function at its best.

It is also good for women struggling and not getting pregnant. A lot of useful information is there, for you AND YOUR PARTNER.



2.       During and After pregnancy

Mama natural week by week book genevieve rowland holistic stephcuesta

The best book that I could read day after day, helping me enjoy my pregnancy and getting ready and a bit organized, is “The Mama Natural week-by-week guide to pregnancy & childbirth” by Genevieve Howland.

This book is just incredible, full of useful tips, from yummy recipes, to explanations as to what is going on inside of you and for the baby, and tons of practical tips regarding natural birth, birth preferences, and the best things to buy: baby clothes, diapers, baby bottles, baby furniture….

This book honestly blew my mind and helped me in so many ways. To me it is a must-have.

Another awesome book:

Super Nutrition for babies” by Katherine Erlich, M.D and Kelly Genzlinger, CNC, CMTA.

Super Nutrition for babies book erlich genzlinger holistic stephcuesta

This is a very comprehensive book about nutrition. For you, while you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and of course, for your little one.

The first weeks after birth: the best healthy nourishing newborn milk formulas (if you can not breastfeed), and then how to gradually include “real” foods, etc etc. The whole way up from a newborn to a toddler, from 0 to 24 months.

FOOD IS MEDECINE, said Hippocrates, the father of medicine. By choosing the best, nutritious foods for your child from the start, you help him/her be more prepared and stronger for his future life.

3.       For women who are scared about labour or childbirth

Natural pregnancy labour stephcuesta

Unfortunately today, whenever there is the scene of a woman in labour in a movie, it is presented as a screaming showcase, where the mother-to-be is hurting, in so much pain, going through hell, about to faint any time…. The scene all modern women have in mind is based on these terrible ideas and images. You go on the internet, and you can only read terrible stories of very difficult labour cases, where the women almost died, where nothing went well and where the women are traumatized months after they delivered.

The doctors in the hospitals unfortunately are not much more comforting. Most probably because they have seen the worst happening, they usually see the worst in all cases and from my experience, they are rarely there to reinsure you and make you feel better and more confident.

So what is left?

Your GUTS. Your inner feeling. Stop listening to your thoughts that are too badly influenced by those brainwashing mainstream medias and negative traumatized people.

Is pregnancy a sickness? Of course not. It is a normal condition that most of women will go through.

Our body is made to go through it, and our body knows how to handle it. If we help our body do its best work, there is nothing to worry about. Same thing when labour starts. Our body knows how to handle it and how to make it happen. It is normal, and I would even say reinsuring, that we don’t give birth to a child as if we were relaxing at a beach. This moment has to be special, for you and your body to a) realize that pregnancy is over and b) that a very important moment in your life is happening and that your whole body is in this with you, emotionally, mentally and physically.

As a Holistic Health Coach and living myself a holistic lifestyle for quite a few years now, it might be easier for me to feel those things and feel how I can trust nature. Many people unfortunately are disconnected, from their own body, from anything natural. They live in a material world, never getting back to nature, numbing any physical sensation or emotional feeling with either fake foods or medication. So yes, for those people, I can understand how scary this event can seem: their body and their sensations have to go back to what they are: primal needs and animal instincts.

So my point is this: enjoy your pregnancy to get back to who you are, to reconnect, in love, with your body and its primal needs. Make the foods you choose and the thoughts you think a priority. Don’t allow any negative stress and useless thoughts to take your confidence away.

A good way to get some help is hypnobirthing. It gives you good tools to relax and meditate and get ready for the big day without being scared. By listening every day to hypnobirthing affirmations, you get to change those inner beliefs that the whole process has to be painful and the worst thing in your life. It also helps you understand what happens to you, how your body is making sure that the baby comes out in the best way possible. I think it is a fantastic help for people who are definitely scared about the whole experience.


Natural holistic pregnancy childbirth stephanie cuesta stephcuesta

I truly believe that pregnancy can help many women feel better with themselves and trust their bodies again. Of course, the healthier you are before pregnancy, the easier it will be for you. And that is another point I would like to make here: there are so many women who can not get pregnant. The problem is not always physical. Sometimes, their mindset, their beliefs is holding them back, whether it is conscious or not. But by starting to take care of themselves on a daily basis, making better choices regarding food, movement or rest, these women can reverse things. What happens physically impacts you emotionally, and vice versa. So don’t underestimate the power of a whole holistic lifestyle on your global life experience. I would also like to add that the partners (future fathers) should also take care of their own health. It is not always all because of the woman. Many couples suffer also because the man is not realizing how his lifestyle can impact his fertility.

Pregnancy is a great moment to work as a team and make this natural event a beautiful one.

Trust the process, and read those books I have just recommended! They will help you feel more confident, stronger and more peaceful.

In Love and Happiness,