Full Body Workout Video - Kettlebell

This is an example of what you can do with just a Kettlebell....

I always say that you don't need a gym to move your body and/or have a great workout, but if you have a few basic tools at home, it makes everything so much better and more interesting!

Do 3-6 rounds, with 45-60sec rest between each round:

1st Exercise: Kettlebell swing x12 reps

2nd Exercise: Front Squat x12 reps

3rd Exercise: Front Lunges x10 reps on each leg

4th Exercise: Shoulder Press with Kettlebell x12reps

Be conscious of your form. There are no bad exercises, only bad performed exercises, and you can hurt yourself if you don't do them correctly. ASK ME or a professional if you have any questions or injuries going on.

Now, let's have fun!


Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't stay fit! This is a workout for anyone, at the gym or at home. Amazing conditioning for the back, shoulders, arms, core, glutes and legs... Try it out!