Stay connected

How often are you taking time for yourself, with yourself, doing nothing besides enjoying your own presence? How often do you take time to connect with yourself, at a deeper level? How often do you take time to feel your heart beating, to feel what your body is telling you, and to understand the message?

We have to admit it: we live in a crazy society. My recent trip to Costa Rica made me realize how important the connection with Nature – and therefore with ourselves – is, and how essential it is to be balanced, to thrive, to be healthy, happy and FEEL ALIVE.

If you live in a big city, you know what I am talking about. Everyone is stressed, we are surrounded with cars and big buildings. There are a few trees here and there but how many of you go to those trees, touch them and feel Nature’s energy? I rarely stop walking in the middle of a busy street to get connected to a tree that is there in front of a red light…

And that’s the problem. We rarely get grounded. We are covered with clothes, there is no sunshine going through our skin. Our feet are isolated in shoes and never touch the ground. There are so many artificial lights all around us that we barely see any stars at night. We feel lucky when we get to see the moon just before crossing a street. There is a real disconnection between us – our body, our soul – and Nature. And we don’t realize how detrimental this can be and how much we should connect to Nature as much as we can.

It is more than just breathing fresh air. There is so much more to it than that. Start really taking care of Nature around you. It is so ABUNDANT. There is a real sense of calmness, serenity. Everything works perfectly fine the way it is meant to be. The sunrise – the sunset – the moon. The stars. The circle of Life is the most beautiful thing ever. When you really take time to be aware of it, to admire and live WITH it, things change. You don’t feel so lonely or isolated anymore. You feel how powerful life is, how powerful YOU are. You feel how much Love there is everywhere and eventually, you will feel this Love inside of you as well. And that’s how you start being more connected to YOURSELF. You start getting in touch with your body, understanding the messages, understanding what it needs. You start understanding more things about you. Perhaps you start understanding your own limiting beliefs, how they have been affecting you and how you don’t need them anymore.

Meditation definitely helps. It took me some time to be consistent with my mediation practice. But now I know. It changes you from within, it gives you so much clarity about who you are. Being aligned with yourself, which means being in peace and fulfilled, is the only thing you should be focusing on. No matter what your ultimate goal is, no matter what your big dream is. Take action, and STAY CONNECTED to yourself. If you do things with your heart, if you feel good doing them, if you are aligned with yourself, it just means that you are on the right path and that life will be abundant and flourishing for you. You can’t go wrong.

We all go through moments of doubts, questioning ourselves, not being sure whether we are taking the right decision. Those moments are normal, we should embrace them and listen to our feelings. If things feel right, usually it means that they are. It doesn’t matter what other people think or might say about you or about a decision you are taking. If this feel right to you, trust yourself. If you realize this was a mistake: that’s ok. There are no mistakes, only lessons in life.

In Costa Rica I was with Nature all the time. Observing it, living with it, learning from it, admiring its beauty. Whether it is the plants, the ocean, the stars, the wildlife…. I was connected 24/7. But not to my phone, which was one of the greatest benefits from this trip I am sure. Thanks to this environment, I got to meditate much more and deeper. I learnt about myself, and became much more confident about the decisions and choices I have made. Now that I am back in London, I am trying to keep that connection and stay connected to myself as much as I can. When I start doubting, I know that I just need to breathe deeply and meditate, even for just 5-10 minutes, to feel better again. Life is beautiful. Life is strong, Life is loving. So trust your heart, trust your gut, stay out of the craziness of the superficiality of the cities and ground yourself to Nature as often as possible.

These are a few tips to feel connected and grounded while living in a big city:

-          Walk barefoot in parks as often as possible

-          Avoid the public transports as much as possible and walk instead!

-          Go for walks and touch the trees

-          Meditate every day at least 15-20 minutes for the maximum benefits

-          EAT ORGANIC REAL WHOLE FOODS. Avoid processed foods unless you like to eat plastic. Go to your local farmers market and see/touch the real vegetables, how perfectly imperfect they are, with no pesticides, no fungicides or no GMOs needed

-          Be present. Observe the birds and trees around you. Listen to them. Feel the wind, be present with what is going on on “Nature’s” level. Forget about that car that is making too much noise

-          If you have a wooden floor: walk barefoot on it, without socks, as much as you can

-          Use HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS to clean the air and the energy of your home

-          Use Beeswax Candles instead of electricity as much as you can, especially from 9pm on

-          Use an Essential Oils diffuser at home and only use high quality essential oils.

-          Avoid using polluting household products and choose natural solutions/products instead (same goes for skincare - cosmetics - makeup...)

-          Switch off the WIFI (EMF are harmful) at home whenever you can, especially at night

-          Listen to grounding music and sounds. Classic music, drums, or chants… simple sounds that take you back to the real you

-          Have green plants decorating your home. Some can really clean the air and change the energy of the room

-          Travel to nature/beach/mountain/country side as often as possible


Those little things can really impact your Inner Wellness, your physical health, your mental health, your happiness. Don’t underestimate the power of Nature, the power of your inner connection, the power of your Inner Self. It is there to help you thrive in life. And who doesn’t want to thrive and live a fulfilling life?

In Love and Health,