Why natural processes (like all natural home child birth) are so scary

Today I feel like sharing some thoughts I have had this past week, talking to people who were asking me about my pregnancy, and more specifically about my all natural holistic pregnancy.

1.       WHAAAT? No epidural?? Natural birth?? You crazy!!!

Yes, this is what I have been hearing every time I was explaining what I hope I will be able to have: an all-natural home birth in a pool, with my music, my Himalayan salt lamps, my essential oils, and my husband as only pain killers…(yes: it means NO epidural). Of course, if there is any risk I might not be able to, I accept it and I am ready for this possibility. But I will do all I can for it to happen. And when I say it, people literally FREAK OUT. Like: “You don’t realize how much you will suffer”, or “this is too dangerous”…

My point is this: I AM NOT SICK. I am just pregnant. My body is going through a transformation, and it is supposed to go through it. It is programmed for it, because that is how nature made us. Giving birth to a human being might be a difficult time, but WE ARE MEANT TO DO IT. It is not a medical condition. Women have gone through it for thousands of generations. I personally wish I won’t need any chemicals from any kind of medication injected in my body, just to disconnect from the physical experience of it. I trust my body, I am not afraid at all of going through some kind of pain. I know my body will do its best and I know that there is always a good reason for everything. So yes, I am kind of looking forward to face this pain, experience it and overcome it, as I know it is only temporary anyway…

2.       How modern comfort disconnects people from the true real things

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Cold showers are too uncomfortable to be taken, we prefer to put tons of harmful chemicals on our face with chemical-laden cosmetics and perfumes, rather than accepting and embracing the true natural beauty we are… We prefer to go on the beach on a beach chair rather than laying on the sand and get grounded and in touch with nature. We prefer to be in a"sterilized" and "clean" environment rather than full of natural beneficial dirt... So yes, many women prefer being injected with a chemical-laden anesthetizing (the famous epidural) than accepting and going through any kind of physical pain. This might seem like the easiest way to get through this tough experience, but there are also lots of detrimental side effects and it just shows how disconnected we became from the real nature we all live in.

People tend to favor the mind-driven logic over the physical messages. How many of you know someone who is destroying their health in order to work like a fool in an office 24/7? This person might be experiencing many signs from their body telling them to wake up, but they are not listening to those signs as their mental brain is saying: work well, be competitive and better than anyone else, make a lot of money and you will be happy. Until they have a big life-threatening disease that gives them a wake-up call and makes them realize that no, they are not a robot. That no, this actually doesn’t make them happy. That yes, they are a deep soul living in a body that they have to take care of. My point here is this: reconnect to nature, to your physical sensations. Don't be afraid of them, don't become numb... Getting back to it and listening to your body’s signs is an amazing way to understand yourself better and face any kind of inner struggles or traumas that you might still be unconsciously dealing with.

3.       When did synthetic chemicals become more trustworthy than natural remedies?

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How come people trust more lab-made chemicals in almost all medical drugs rather than natural plants or any other type of natural remedies? When did we become so brainwashed by professional ads and marketing tools? How come did we stop thinking wisely about it all? When did we lose track with our true human nature?



I have never felt as good as now, after living a holistic lifestyle free from any kind of medical drugs and toxic cosmetics for 4 years now. And now that I am pregnant, I can truly feel and realize how this lifestyle made me strong, and gave me confidence in everything my body is (and will) going through. I can say that I am experiencing the incredible benefits of trusting nature, trusting the way things are supposed to happen.

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Pregnancy is not a disease. Of course, there are some risky pregnancies and other high-risk health conditions that require some special treatments. But for the other ones, to my opinion, there is no need for any medical “help”, just to make things more comfortable. A good way to make things go as smooth as possible is to simply follow the holistic lifestyle principles. Food quality becomes even more important, but so do your sleep, your movement, your breathing, and your mental and spiritual state. It is a moment in your life where you have to listen to your body's needs even more, and where your emotions will let you know quite clearly if you are aligned with yourself - or not.

If you are trying to get pregnant: think of your own health, happiness and well being first. This will make it easier for you when you actually do get pregnant. There are many ways you can start doing it. Ask a holistic professional for some guidance and good advice.

If you are pregnant and are stressed or anxious: trust life. Embrace the change and transformation. Trust your body. Look for daily positive affirmations that will make you feel good and better.

If you are feeling bad about how your body is changing: again, trust the process. I know my body is doing its best so that my pregnancy goes well. I know that if I have to gain a few pounds of fats, it is for my best, and for the best for the baby. So yes, I am happy about it.

I also know that I can help nature make its work by going on living what I am preaching: a truly natural holistic lifestyle, pregnancy, and child birth if possible...! And if for any reason I can not have this all natural child birth I am thinking of, my body is ready to overcome those challenges even better now.

Hope this can help some of you feel better and more confident about life’s challenges.

In Love and Happiness,