This is a great series of exercises for anyone suffering with back pain or wanting to strengthen the back and core.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL if you are pregnant as lying down facing up can be quite uncomfortable. Only do exercises that feel good for you.

Do 3-6 rounds with 45sec pause between each round.

1. Regarding Supine Lateral Ball Roll: keep shoulders and hips aligned, parallel to the floor, all way through. Stick your tongue at the top of the mouth. Go as far as you can on each side, keeping the good form. Stay 3sec long then change side.

2. Regarding Supine Hip Extension - Feet on Ball: ankles, hips and shoulders should be aligned when you move your hips up. If the arms up is too challenging, start with arms down facing up, then arms across chest.

3. Regarding Prone Jack Knife: Keep the low back curvature as much as possible, all way through. Don't round or flatten your back.

4. Regarding Horse Stance Horizontal: Make sure your back is well aligned all way through. Thumb up on the arm that goes up. Engage your back and core muscles. Keep your hips parallel to the floor (don't rotate them).

ENJOY!! and Please ASK ME if you have any doubts or questions.