5 Tips to feel better when feeling down

We all have our “down” days…. Days where we are not happy with anything. Days where everything seems to go wrong. Days where we just feel worthless, where we are criticizing ourselves for not being that person we would like to be. Days that are just grey and that we can’t wait to finish.

We live today in a world where it seems wrong to feel like that. It seems very bad and if you talk about it to anyone, they will probably tell you that you have to get better now, that you can’t stay in this state, that you should look at the bright side of things, maybe even take some antidepressants, etc etc.

Well, the truth is, those “down” days are sometimes necessary and beneficial. It is ALL RIGHT to feel down sometimes. It is an efficient way to take a step back and realize what is actually going on, accept it and make things better.

We can’t be happy all the time, smiling around all the time, 24/7. Happiness exists because sadness exists. The one is nothing without the other. So yes, those “down” periods are good, even healthy most of the time. It is all about how you accept them and how, instead of denying them and trying to get over them as quick as possible, you take the best of them and learn what is it exactly that has to be made.

1.       Take time for yourself to re-connect

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Feeling down is often a sign that you lost contact with who you really are. By re-connecting with yourself, with your Inner self, by re-aligning yourself, your soul, mind and body, you can better understand what was going wrong, and what you just have to do to be yourself again. When you are aligned again, you get a clearer vision of what put you down in the first place, and you can better react to it because you found yourself again. Most of the times, the answers are in you. Feeling lonely? Connect with the Love inside you again. Feeling worthless? Same thing. Love is often the answer. Love yourself again and learn from this difficult phase. It is actually an opportunity for you to get on your own right track again. It is an opportunity to see what and why you lost yourself and make you stronger for the future. So yes, see it as an amazing opportunity to become better. Appreciate it and lead the way.

2.       Don’t fake

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Many people will choose to fake their happiness. They won’t want to admit that they are not feeling good. So they will put a smile on their face and they will most likely find ways to get busy so that they don’t have time to realize how bad they are actually feeling. They go out, maybe find substances that help them escape their reality. They just don’t want to face it. But this is just a short term relief, and eventually, their inner struggle will become stronger and they won’t be able to hide it anymore. It is often how diseases appear, or deeper depression. Faking is never a good idea. If you don’t feel well, be it. Express your emotions, let them go out. Get them out of yourself. This is the best thing you can do. Be true to yourself, all of the time. It is the only way to re-align and to really be in peace. Accept being real and start loving yourself for who you really are, now.

3.           Don’t brainwash yourself

Another typical reaction to those difficult phases is to avoid truly living them. So some people will spend hours watching TV shows that are not relevant, just to escape from their own thoughts. They won’t want to wake up in the morning, they just don’t want to “face” the day because all seems to be too bad. Again, I think it can be helpful sometimes to just switch off. But at one point, this passivity won’t take you anywhere. Wake up early. Have a healthy morning routine: meditation/relaxation/tai chi, expressing gratitude, have a good breakfast. Even if you still feel sad after that, it will definitely help you get back on track. Listen to fulfilling motivational talks, learn new things. Watch or read things that make you grow. Sometimes, just doing that can help you feel better. Mainly because you are not focusing on yourself anymore, and because you get a better idea of the bigger picture. Doing these types of things that support you in your own personal development is essential to keep on feeling good with yourself. Life is all about growth. Stop learning and you stop feeling the life force in you. So yes, make it happen, one step at a time, and experience the difference.

4.       Choose your tribe

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Surround yourself with people who lift you up. I have already talked about it a lot, but this is so crucial. Sometimes, people around us just project negative energy onto us. And this can be very detrimental, especially in those phases where we need more support, kindness and love. We might feel ok with those people the rest of the time, but I do think that sometimes, it is better to take some distance with them. Look for people who you can be your true self with. People around whom you don’t have to play a role. People who love and support you no matter what. People who you know will always want the best for you. You know and you can feel when people tell you things that don’t come from the heart. There are friends – and friends. Look for those whose presence just make you feel better. Those who are not looking to feel better than you. Those who truly believe in you. Those real friends (and family) can give you this positive energy that you might need at that time, and this is priceless. And if they make you laugh, it is even better :-)

5.       Spend time with nature

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Staying at home, between those 4 walls and in front of the TV or your smartphone can be ok for a short period of time. But It will never have the healing impact of a walk outdoors. Just get out, breathe some fresh air, go to a park or to the beach, get barefoot and get grounded with the Earth. Feel nature’s beauty around you and feel the soothing, calming, healing effects on you. Those simple things can work like magic. It doesn’t need to be complicated.



You don’t need chemical drugs or medication to feel better. The answers are always in you. It is important to accept that feeling down is part of life, and is a way to re-connect and correct the direction you were taking. It is actually a great opportunity to discover even more about yourselves. If you are not happy with yourselves, for whatever reason it is, it is always a good sign. It shows that you are ready to step up and take better decisions for yourself. It shows that the time has come for you to take a look at yourself and to learn and grow and become even better.

And anyway, trust that you are always becoming the best person you can be, no matter what. Even if today you feel worse than yesterday, you are still becoming a better person, day after day.

In Love and Happiness,