Your vibe attracts your tribe

Have you ever wondered how come your entourage and relationships change as you are evolving yourself?

tribe friendship bench

Have you ever wondered how come some people always stay around you, no matter what?

Have you ever wondered how you have suddenly met people who literally changed your life, just when you needed it?

It is honestly all about the energy you are emitting. Everything is always about energy and vibrations. You attract people – and things – that respond to your level of vibrations. Therefore it is understandable that there are some people that we see regularly for a period of time, but who slowly “disappear” from our daily life. This is just how life works. And we shouldn’t be sad about it. If it happens, it is often in order to have more space for new people who might be more aligned with ourselves at that time. And that’s how we grow, evolve, learn and become better.

Socrates quote

During my holistic health coaching sessions, I can often see a common pattern in many people: they lose their energy or don’t manage to be at their best because of detrimental persons around them. Whether it is family, friends or colleagues, people who surround you have a direct impact on your life and on your own level of vibrations. Have you ever felt excited, suddenly awakened, motivated and enthusiast just because you are in a group of people who behave that way and who emit this energy? Humans are made to thrive together, in groups. Yes we all need our “me-time”. But this is enjoyable only if we know we have a group to go to if we want to. The gathering of great energy people can often make wonders, trigger life transformations that some persons wouldn’t even expect. This is why those personal development retreats organized today everywhere in the world have such a great impact on so many people. Surround yourself with heroes and you become a hero.

And this is true in your daily life, not just during those special events. Your friends, those people you spend the most time with, reflect your current vibration state, and at the same time they have a lot of influence on your own energy level. Connect to yourself and be aware of those who don’t make you feel good. Some people, sometimes your closest friends, are not making you any good at a certain period of time, and that is ok. It is ok to realize it and to take some distance or decide to just see them less often. It is ok to take care of what is the best for yourself. Does it mean you don’t love them anymore? Of course not. True love – whether it is romantic love, family or friendships – is unconditional. It is just that sometimes you have to do what is good for you.

Change evolve

It might also happen that, as you grow and evolve, you feel you are changing and that you are not that aligned with your usual entourage anymore. And again, that is ok. As you are changing, you are also attracting new people. People who can support you on your way and who will make you grow even more, on this new period of your life. Don’t be afraid or don’t feel guilty. Embrace the change and feel the excitement of meeting new people. They often represent a new door that is opening wide to show you a new way. See the opportunity, and go your way.

Your tribe is basically who you are, deep inside. I see many people surrounding themselves with very negative and undesirable persons. They know it but they keep on surrounding themselves with those people. There are several deep reasons for it. Either because they think that they are the same and are not worth anything better, or maybe because it makes them feel better with themselves as those persons are in a “worse situation” and kind of look up to them. The ego and the subconscious mind play a big role here. That’s why I always say: CONNECT TO YOUR HEART. Does it feel right? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel aligned, deep within yourself? Are you learning with them? Are you becoming better, in a true deep way? You don’t need to ask yourself all those questions. You actually know it all already, your heart must have been telling you. All you have to do is listen to it. And be true to it. Don’t lie to yourself or don’t deny what is obvious. Our mind and ego can play many tricks.

As I changed my life, from working in investment banking to becoming a holistic health and fitness coach, I realized all that. I realized how some people would support me because they were happy for my happiness. And I realized how some other people just couldn’t follow me in my evolution, they were always making me feel uncomfortable and always found something negative to say, whether as a joke or as a “honest advice”. Some others were just ignoring my change and were just not interested in it. And this environment changed slowly without me even making it on purpose. Suddenly I realized that I found many new people who made me feel confident and were true guides on my new journey. Some other older friends stay around, always supportive and always sending me good vibes. And some others became more and more distant, and eventually we lost a bit of contact. Never completely (thank you Facebook and Instagram!), but surely, in the “real” daily life. Did it make me sad? Not really. Each time you meet someone, it happens for a good reason. I met so many inspirational persons during my holistic journey, it’s been incredibly rewarding. My vibration levels raised partly thanks to those new persons in my life, because they helped me feel more connected to my own self.

let go of fear

Take a step back and look at who your tribe is. Who are those persons you are spending time with? This might teach you many things about yourself. Don’t be afraid to lose them if you change. The ones who love you unconditionally will always be there with you, however you decide to change your life. Many people fear change, and fear change in others. But that is their own perception of the others, and only reflects their own insecurities. Don’t put yourself down and don’t limit yourself to low standards just to stick to where you have always been. Allow yourself to expand and grow and become better, and don’t worry for the others. By accepting who you truly are and by allowing your potential to fully express itself, you will attract people to you who will be able to support and even take your growth to the nest level. Life is full of surprises and when you trust the journey, you will see that only beautiful meaningful things happen, even if it might not seem so at the beginning.  

Let your heart shine and emit its own vibrations, and magic will happen.

In Love and Happiness,